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  1. 5 minutes ago, Neumann Films said:

    I’m happy to let my footage do the talking to bring more of you over to my camp.

    I think it’s an incredible achievement and nitpicking about stuff that can easily be worked around is...a bit much. To each his own though, it’s your investment and you know what you need in a camera. It’s my A cam for just about everything. For everything it doesn’t work for, I will rent. Easy.

    Happy with the dynamic range and noise levels?

    What about rolling shutter?

  2. A001_067_20200629_000013-1.png


    Here are 3 files,

    4k CDNG, looks great,  I embedded a png conversion here to see the preview

    4k MOV with color mode off, looks allright

    And 100 fps 1080 CDNG, looks horrible

    The 100 fps has really strong aliasing and I won't be using it for that reason.


  3. 1 minute ago, Chris Whitten said:

    They announced this week three very affordable L mount lenses - a 16mm, a 30mm and a 56mm?

    The 30mm is definitely on my shopping list.

    I'm sure they are very nice, but I'm not seeing myself buy apsc lenses for a non fuji system, I'm waiting for the upcoming small full frame primes from sigma

  4. What are the things still missing that we can ask sigma about the next firmware?

    1. I personally would be very happy if I could move the 8x zoomed in frame around and not have to zoom out first to move the focus area.  This I because I use manual lensen and would like to quickly confirm focus.  If it could also work during recording even better

    2. Audio levels are too far burried down the menu

    3. DCI at 4k to SSD

    4. I would like to have a way to give the name of my manuals focus lenses in the cdng metadata so I can sort shots by lens




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