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  1. 1 hour ago, Brian Williams said:

    I'm not sure how to test other than by doing this, but here are two DNG's,  the first is a frame from CINE mode, a 4K DNG sequence (A001_002_20191105_000001.DNG), the second was taken in STILLS mode as a single DNG (SDIM0188.DNG).

    Obviously the frame from STILLS mode is larger, but if you scale up the CDNG file, you'll see the framing matches, so no cropping (other than the vertical cropping to make it 16:9).


    A001_002_20191105_000001.DNG 8.07 MB · 1 download SDIM0188.DNG 33.72 MB · 1 download

    Can you also make two cdng's one from the cropped apc mode and one full frame? 

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