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    Penis camera

    This might get me banned. Does it have IBIS?
  2. EF mount is dead! Canon did the same to FD mount lenses and cameras in the late 1980's. If Canon predicts a 50 percent drop in camera sales, then they need to generate new revenue by selling the latest fad to people with money to burn. If you have EF cameras and lenses, sell them now so you can get top dollar.
  3. I would use it with PL mount lenses, so AF would not have to be best in class. I do expect AF to get better since this is only Beta 0.6 software. No intentions of being a vlogger either. All the latest cameras are missing some features that everyone thinks are deal breakers for them. Extra dynamic range is always good.
  4. Yes, I have heard that, but I'm not counting the proverbial chicken just yet.
  5. I'm waiting to see if the S1 gets the full V-log. Even if you have to pay extra for it. It would also be nice to have better timecode than the GH-5s. I don't have a problem with keeping a TC sync on it all the time. S35 compatibility mode would also be great.
  6. Will the average person notice the difference? Does the $100K spot market the product 10X better?
  7. The $1K-$10K-$100K theme is a marketing ploy. The $1,000 spot looks amateurish, while the $10,000 spot looks a lot better, yet the $100,000 spot does not add a lot more to the finished product. Offer three different trim levels on automobiles, and most people will buy the middle level. I'm not sure what type of client would spend $100,000 on a commercial, but I'm sure that this company is marketing to clients who are willing, and able to buy a commercial for $10,000.
  8. The upside of this might be, you are walking down the street and get filmed by a news crew. The footage gets shown on TV, you sue, and become an instant millionaire. Soccer matches anyone?
  9. It makes sense that Panasonic has introduced FF mirrorless cameras now - Get in on the FF game now before Canon and Nikon mirrorless systems are established. I've been a fan of Canon film cameras since 1975, and still have A and F series cameras, but I bought an EOS 10s (film) and never liked the thing. (Too big and bulky.) I never thought Canon digital cameras were the way to go forward, and when the Panasonic G3 came out, that fit my still photographic needs. With m43 you can go small and light, or rig up some monstrous and expensive glass. Pound for pound (money and weight), m43 will get what most people consider excellent photos and video. I see more benefits with m43 format in film making. It is only a 1.3 crop factor from s35 movie film. You can get wide aperture lenses to compensate for depth of field, and you need less light when you do. mFT has the advantage if you do want more depth of field. Try photographing a group from 5 feet away with a 24mm at f2.8 on full frame! It also makes sense for Tony N. to say FF is the way. After all, he's getting paid most of the time when he is lugging around the ton of FF cameras and lenses he uses. By the way, the best image quality I get is with my full frame Cambo 5"x7", but I'm also very happy with my G3, GH3, GH4, GH5, AE-1, FtB, F1, (2x)F1n, Sinar F1, and Graflex cameras.
  10. KC Kelly


    Hopefully Veydra lenses will be back in stock soon. I did talk with a re-seller, and they seemed confident that Veydra is still in businesss.
  11. KC Kelly


    I have the Veydra 19, 25, 35, and 50. I'm hoping to round out the set with an 85. If you are shooting Micro 4/3, I don't think anything else has the same cinema features for the money. To me, the next step up would be Tokina Cinema Vista Vision at 5-7X the price. I do have other glass from Panasonic, Olympus, SLRmagic, and Canon FD. Each has their own place when shooting.
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