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  1. Get a Masters in business. It's applicable to all fields. It also shows that you're serious about the bottom line, and will help you running your own business.
  2. I had a hands-on look at the FP on Friday at Cinegear Atlanta. It seems like it will be a great camera, although most users will want to rig it out with some sort of grip or cage.
  3. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but "comprehensive" will never hurt me. I'm thinking everyone should chill out on semantic issues.
  4. I would rather have a crew with enough knowledge and experience to make things work with the equipment on hand.
  5. I have enjoyed these "discussions", but I do not see the Panasonic S1H as a replacement for any camera currently on the market. There are too many differences (and unknowns) to compare it to other cameras. The S1H WILL be a great camera for those who it is marketed towards. That being said, it may not be for me or anyone else who has contributed to this thread.
  6. I'm not underestimating Pocket 4K users. I contribute to a group https://filmindallas.org I have worked on over 20 low. or no budget amateur narrative short films (not always as camera). Cameras used were: cell phones, Canon T3i, Canon C100, GH4, GH5, BMPCC 4K, Ursa Mini, Sony A9, Sony FS 5 (or 7), EVA-1, Red Weapon X. Lots of people show up wanting to be cinematographers because they got a new camera, but we don't see them six months later. I will wait and see if the new S1H stands out in time.
  7. Sounds like wanting luxury car features for Yugo prices, but no one is selling Yugos any more.
  8. I bought a "consumer" Canon AE-1 body for $225 when they first came out. The price now would be about $950. The "professional" Canon F-1 was about $310. Today's price would be $1500. Now people complain that a "consumer" camera costs more! Back in the 1970's none of the professional photographers I knew could afford to make movies on 16mm. I think we are very lucky to have $2500 movie cameras now. I know you can buy a BMPCC 4K for $1000, but once users find out that movie making requires effort, they will be putting their cameras in back of the closet for their grand-kids to discover.
  9. There will be no cheap "consumer" cameras in five years. It will either be "wannabe professional", or professional cameras. I know that's harsh, but with smartphones taking over photos and video, limited markets mean higher per unit costs for cameras.
  10. But Fuji is not FF, which is what everyone thinks they need. Instead, you can spend $10000 and get Fujifilm MF
  11. If everyone got their wishes fulfilled with this camera, it would cost $15,000 USD!
  12. It seems to be more front to back than side to side. Anyone else think that, or do I need a better crystal ball?
  13. Does not look like a DSLR. That's okay with me.
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