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  1. Maybe they chose that wide because the vignetting was so bad they had to severely crop the top and bottom off.
  2. I've changed my EVA1 to the Wooden Camera PL mount. I don't miss having EF glass. Since the PL mount is split, there is a possibility to convert to other lenses mounts.
  3. Veydra lenses from 19mm to 85mm should also cover s35 sized sensors.
  4. I decided to get on the GH6 queue. The purported improvements in color is what sold be on the GH6. I could have easily decided on getting a S5, or Sigma FP, as I have enough FD, and Tokina Vista glass that would work for full frame. Hoping I made the right decision.
  5. I was a big Canon film camera fan (F1, AE1). Bought an EOS 10S, a big mistake. I will wait for the Canon R5Fu.
  6. I knew a professional photographer (think Sports Illustrated covers) who switched from Nikon to Canon back when Canon F-1 was their top of the line camera. He said he could only afford the switch because Canon sponsored him. He also did a USA television commercial for Canon. So, I think pro photographers will wait until it is absolutely necessary to switch.
  7. I'm okay with my current cameras (EVA1, GH5, GH4.) Unless one of them has a failure, I'll probably not buy a new camera in 2021. But, BGH1, S5, GH6, EVA2, or possibly Red Komodo would interest me. At least I can afford them. My main purchase in 2021 will be a Tokina 25-75m T2.9 when it comes out.
  8. I don't think the BGH-1 is intended for the GH5 crowd. This camera has multi-site corporate, and small market broadcast potential beyond anything else on the current market. Z-cam had that potential as well, but the US computer chip embargo on China may cause problems for Z-cam.
  9. Only you can determine what you need. How many volts does your equipment require? Are you powering a camera, monitor, FIZ units, other accessories? What is the total amps you need? How long do you want the batteries to last? Two Blueshape 190 HD Plus, with Dual V-mount 6A Travel Charger might work for you.
  10. All V-mount and Gold-mount batteries are expensive, and if you want run lights, or power hungry cameras then you need the bigger, heavy duty batteries. You will most likely spend over $1000 USD to get even a modest package of two batteries, with a charger.
  11. Lots of good and great cameras available in 2020. I will wait to see what the Red Komodo brings to the fray. Also, waiting on new offerings from Panasonic (GH and EVA). Let's see what NAB, CineGear, and Photokina bring out in the open.
  12. Has anyone used the fp with an external monitor? If so, is there any lag between the camera and the monitor display?
  13. KC Kelly

    RED Komodo

    I've heard the sensor size is a little bit bigger than s35, but not full frame.
  14. Does anyone know if the Sigma fp shoots 24 fps, or outputs C4K? If not, has there been any talk that these two options will be added in the near future?
  15. Get a Masters in business. It's applicable to all fields. It also shows that you're serious about the bottom line, and will help you running your own business.
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