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    sandro reacted to omega1978 in NX1/NX500 Hack Test Footage   
    NX1 -16-50S vasile 5.01 140mb, 4K 25p mixed with 1080-50/100p,only first scene on tripod, rest handheld, still a small amount of banding, maybe from variable ND.
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    sandro reacted to andy lee in Mitakon Creator 35mm f2. Waste of money?   
    a nikon 35mm lens will blow this away , get the Nikon
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    sandro reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
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    sandro reacted to mercer in Nikon D3400 is announced, no 4K video.   
    That's Samsung. But I did hear their microwaves shoot 24p in Cinema DCI. 
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    sandro reacted to IronFilm in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    Yeah most people don't have particularly demanding needs and "good enough" is all they need for now. Unfortunately I expect the Canon fanboys will lap this up.
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    sandro reacted to Mattias Burling in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    If true it will rock. Its gonna keep Canon at the top of the sales lists for years.
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    sandro reacted to OliKMIA in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    So far it's just rumors but still boring specs. Knowing the Canon trend to cripple its DSLR I'm not very optimistic. First it's only 4k30p, then the huge deal breaker of MJPEG with massive file size and need to transcode. It's like Canon can't ignore 4k anymore but wants us to feel the pain of using it.
    We can probably also forget about peaking and zebra. LOG i don't know but the 1DX doesn't have it. And is that going to be cropped ? What about aliasing and 4K quality, is that going to be like the usual Canon 1080 that looks like 720 ?
    Last we have DPAF, that's great but if the image sucks and the video features are non existent, the benefit is very small. Looks like I'm going to keep my current camera and wait for the next Sony or GH line....
    Conclusion: after holding it for as long as possible, Canon is finally jumping in the 4K train but in the worst possible way with weird specs that are going to be severely outdated in a few month by the upcoming competition that will to give us 4K60 and 6K30 soon. In 3 or 4 years I can't even imagine how theses ridiculous specs will look like...
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    sandro got a reaction from iamoui in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    My dear Nikkor 35mm F2 AI-S on the NX1

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    sandro reacted to EyeSoul in Mitakon Creator 35mm f2. Waste of money?   
    I had this lens and was quite happy with the performance,actually rather surprised it was sharp at f2. I used it with a mitakon lens turbo focal reducer on the a6000.I returned it not because of performance issues but because I wanted a different focal length at the time. Also the build quality and focus ring were quite good for the price.These are some random test photos I remember getting with the lens at f2 or 1.4 considering the focal reducer.

    I would also like to add if there was a negative about the lens I would say it would be character. I often felt even though the image was quite sharp it lacked that pop of my vintage nikon lenses.Then again that could be a good thing if you want a more neutral image in the first place.I would definitely get the lens again.
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    sandro reacted to Marco Tecno in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Some say that captured footage is same at 0-255 or 16-235, but just rendered differently when played back. So you should not lose info by shooting at 16-235, you just instruct the player on how to read the same information.
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    sandro reacted to Liam in Mitakon Creator 35mm f2. Waste of money?   
    amen! exactly why I just got the Lytro cinema camera as a b cam for my Alexa 65 #sickofamateurs
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    sandro got a reaction from kidzrevil in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    My dear Nikkor 35mm F2 AI-S on the NX1

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    sandro got a reaction from mercer in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    My dear Nikkor 35mm F2 AI-S on the NX1

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    sandro got a reaction from sanveer in Mitakon Creator 35mm f2. Waste of money?   
    I'm an hobbyist at the moment so yeah it's expensive
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    sandro got a reaction from Marco Tecno in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Could you post some comparison? -15 contrast sounds really extreme. Anyway can't you just go back to 0-255 in premiere even if shot at 16-235? 
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    sandro reacted to sidi in Bit rate hack - how to?   
    Exactly. Than see my answers below.
    Answers below are only for vasile's NX-Patch!
    Bitrate slots will be applied according to this table 
    Slot pro1 on NX1 is for all 4K, UHD and FHD* (*only when shooting over 30 fps) PRO quality setting (see table above). You can actually use hq1 or nq1 slot for a higher bitrate if you want to.
    Use make persistent in NX-Patch menu to save bitrates to flash memory, this will make them persist between reboots. Otherwise they will only be kept until power off, then they will return to previous values.
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    sandro got a reaction from Pavel MaÅ¡ek in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    This is my first attempt with ricardo's settings. However I didn't use delut cause I wasn't able to make it work, instead I used Premiere's SL GOLD RUSH LDR with personal tweaks (no input LUT). I'm satisfied with the result expect for sky banding present on the original footage. Maybe a higher bitrate would been useful. I used the stock 80Mbit 120p.
    Anyway I'm impressed by the amount of details this sensor deliver at 1080p from 28MP at 120fps. Samsung really made a beast. I could only imagine what a NX2 could have been like!
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    sandro reacted to Geoff CB in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    It's useless unless your holding the camera steady. Wish they had a menu item for how intense the effect is. Or that you could set the focal length like with the a7r 2
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    sandro reacted to IKSLIM in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Dear lucabutera,
    I do appreciate the amount of work you've done, and decided to share with you my experience with speed boosters in order to prevent you from possible future poor sales.
    I tried a lot of Metabones. The most important part of any SpeedBooster is how well it performs when a lens set to WideOpen aperture. In two words, all Metabones work acceptable. Some have better Chromatic Aberrations and Sharpness, some performs weaker in this regard.
    Also there are number of China adapters on the market, calls Novoflex (if i'm correct with the brand). They call the product NOT a SpeedBooster, but a FocalReducer. They instruct users to Stop Down attached lenses a lot (at least at F5.6-F8.0) in order to get acceptable sharp image.
    From my experience, i would never purchase a FocalReducer. We all need WideOpen aperture. And adapter should NOT weaken lens performance when the lens set to WideOpen aperture. That is why we use big lenses and heavy systems. We need Look, Fast apertures + Clear and Sharp images.
    I decided to share my experience with you, because it could be unfair if your sales will be lost after such a tremendous amount of work you've done.
    All the best.
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    sandro reacted to Otto K in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    @sandro I created a small tool that shows a button with black background and white text at given position and size that enables one to have on screen "button" for REC or SHUTTER or whatever. 
    You could use it as it is as a "black screen" (just set the text to " " and position to 0 0 and size to 720 480) and to start the time lapse. I do it often to preserve the battery (AMOLED uses almost nothing for black screen). To remove it from screen just press and hold it for 5+ seconds. I also made a separate tool for time lapse that can have black screen as well as black screen with small red frame counter (useful). It can also make short videos instead of photos (let's say 10s video every 2 minutes, etc). 
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    sandro reacted to SMGJohn in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    16-50mm F2-2.8 works really well for everything I ever had to use, the 28 megapixels allows you to really crop a lot.
    Sports shooting you never really need high resolution anyway unless you plan on printing it on a billboard
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    sandro reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Thanks everyone for support.
    I would like to clarify that I have not started working on NXL adapter to make money. I decided to invest my time and my money for the love of NX1 camera.
    I am a ex user of the Canon 5D mkII, 5D mkIII, Black Magic C 4K, Sony a7s (waste camera, always crash with metabones smart adapter).
    The only thing I missed in this camera was the FF look that could not give me the aps-c sensor.
    I recommend this adapter videomakers, photographers who like to shoot in manual control, and have a large park full frame lenses and photographers who use the camera for artistic photos of portraits or landscapes.
    Responding to Pavel, the camera with NXL adapter, shoots at ISO 800 as ISO 1600 without NXL adapter, so even for the night is very indicated. Do not recommend to buy this adapter to those sports photographer because she would not have any benefit.
    Surely you will be better than me to find strengths and weaknesses of this adapter, and only you will know to use it according to your needs.
    It certainly is not perfect and certainly in the future, with your suggestions, I can improve it.
    Now I'm ready, I'm happy to announce that, I am preparing the website for a Kickstarter, where you can order the NXL adapter.
    P.S. Meanwhile I enjoy the Olympics on TV tonight!

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    sandro reacted to Pavel MaÅ¡ek in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    I am keen for any other info and still have to check this forum :-) - still have to think how it would work with my Canon 50mm 1.4 and 135mm f2.
    We should realize that NX1 will become almost fullframe (we still do not know exact crop factor but I think it is around x1.1) also in terms of noise levels - eg. what I know it will be like comparing 5DmkIII on ISO 1600 and NX1 on ISO 800 (there will be more light on sensor so you can use lower ISO with same aperture). So with fast lenses NX 1 should be on pair or better than FF cameras.
    Another example - is same situation where you now have to you ISO 1600 you should be fine with ISO 800 (same example for ISO 3200/1600, etc.). Quite important also for video when you can hardly use ISO 3200.
    https://***URL removed***/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr18=daylight&attr13_0=canon_eos5dmkiii&attr13_1=samsung_nx1&attr15_0=raw&attr15_1=raw&attr16_0=1600&attr16_1=800&normalization=full&widget=13&x=0.3153082706766917&y=0.4817380352644836
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    sandro reacted to cojocaru27 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    guys, just wonder why don't you move the topic under nx1 separate page on the forum? is one of the most interesting thread about nx1 and i think it should be there. thx
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    sandro reacted to cojocaru27 in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    second that , truely cudos to Luca for taking this of the ground. We should all be thankful that one is taking his personal time and money for the benefit of us all. Cheers.
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