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    Pseudo-anamorphic cgi voodoo

    Update: uploaded trailer
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    Last shot is 4k UHD - look at that wobble on the last shot. The last shot spinning - now we are talking - now the Samsung NX1 can be used for more doc settings - I don't mind the resolution loss and the minor blockiness - it's not as bad as the A7s in 1080p mode. I think this camera at $1500 with crazy fast firmware updating and the support of camera hackers - will become a serious contender. $1500 vs $2500 - that's $1000 savings you can put into your pocket and spend on more important things, like feeding the homeless.
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    Clayton Moore

    Great looking GH4 footage

    I just saw this one yesterday - GH4 / Resolve / FCPX - very nice: https://vimeo.com/groups/gh4/videos/119679358
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    Here is another Promo we recently shot with a set of Kowas (40, 50, 75, 100mm) that I though some people might like to see. Any thoughts or feedback welcome.
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    A Mid Winter's Day, Bolex Anamorphic Test

    Here's a little test I ran pointing at the snowfall on the trees and lake out my back porch. Testing focus, aperture and DOF on my Bolex/Moller 16/32 1.5x, Helios 44-2 pipeline. I wasn't really trying for anything artful, just mucking around. I did apply a Filmconvert Kodak Portra 400 pass and 35mm grain. Probably should have left off the grain since it usually gets compressed away. If you'd like the original I can enable downloads on the source footage. https://vimeo.com/user1649981/review/119725793/6c119e45f5
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    That's raw for you
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    Wide Zoom Options

    ​Yes, you can! That would be my exact suggestion. The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 with a R.J. or Zhongyi lens turbo (or Metabones Speedbooster, or Fotodiox focal reducer, whatevs). Need something wider? Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. Not that wide, like Nick said, the 28-70mm f/2.8 from Nikon is pretty awesome. So is the 80-200mm btw (but you'll need to lock it down). Btw. I applaud you for taking this step!
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    Oliver Daniel

    Wide Zoom Options

    Is it possible to change the iris manually on the Sigma 18-35 with a Nikon adapter?
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    Moire Removal / Lessening

    They're dirt cheap. Though film isn't, but you can buy short ends. SR3s are selling for peanuts now and the images look as good as ever. I just do this for fun (and the occasional paycheck), so it's still a little too expensive for me. If you've never tried a Bolex, even that is a lot of fun. Just the lab fees and scans are brutal.
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    GH4: List of quirks and problems

    I think you're being a bit overly critical Vesku. It does show exposure value, just not when changing ISO. But its not exactly rocket science to work out what your EV value will be as you change it. No DSLR-like camera except for the d750 and d810 can change aperture steplessly. I've never seen problems with the AE/AF lock. What are you talking about? Its got plenty of button options and saving options. More than most other DSLR-like cameras. Why are you using AF for video? OIS is worse than other brands, but still much better than handholding. Lens stabilisation is kind of overrated anyway. Rigging the camera against your chest or shoulder generally gives a more weighty, cinematic feel. Noise at ISO 200? Who cares really. Real film has noise at that ISO too.
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    ​Absolutely. The 18-35 is easily my favorite lens.
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    A short sci-fi film I'm directing. Shot on BMCC + a lot of CG/vfx. Mixture of anamorphic (Kowa B&H on Voigtlander 28mm) and spherical (Samyang 16mm and 35mm). Filmed in London, China, and Hong Kong. Link: http://alexeymarfin.com/blue-eyed-me/ any feedback welcome :-)
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    Get Nikon glass with speedbooster or adapters. Nikon has manual aperture in the lenses. EF does not. Just my 2 cents.
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    ​ ​I agree. I am also a rig user so the small size of the a7s is actually a plus for me. The menu system is not that horrible imho after you get the hang of it. When on the rig I find it not hard to hit the rec button but I have small slender fingers. When photo shooting I use the battery grip. Yes I agree that the NX1 feels slightly better in hand and the battery grip for that is better build but the A7s is not bothering me at all. I am getting lovely results with Slog and Filmconvert pro 2(love the new options). Personally I am very happy with the images coming from the A7s. Just my 2 cents. P.S. Off topic: I bought my A7s from the official Sony retailer here in Iceland. From what I have read, I thought the A7s was PAL/NTSC locked. But I can change to either without the warning message I have read about others getting.
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    Oliver Daniel

    Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300

    The Samsung NX1 needs more skilled users. I always rent before I buy, but I can't find anywhere to rent it in the UK. I can't judge it from the few clips online because it doesn't have the support yet. My crew want to purchase an FS7 instead of renting it all the time, mostly because of the high DR and 150fps. It's going to cost £10k to get the basic bits we need after tax offset. 95% of our gear is made specifically for DSLR size or smaller. The NX1 is compelling because it has many bells and whistles (including 100fps), costs £1299, and would leave us £8k to buy more lights, lenses and other gadgets to improve overall cinematography. But it's very different to the FS7. I know where I am with that camera.
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    Andrew Reid

    Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300

    Even at £4500 its still a much worse image than a £1299 Samsung!
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    FM Lens rack focusing test ‪#‎FMLens‬ ‪#‎Anamorphicshop‬ Super Takumar 50mm f1.4, Isco Ultra Star Anamorphic Lens, Panasonic GH4 Did some tests with the FM. So far loving it, its working perfectly now that I've gotten used to it a little bit and also solved the slouching problem i had initially. It takes some time to get it configured to your rig and camera but oh man smooth rack focusing is orgasmic after a long period of painful double focusing. And I like the fact that it protects the anamorphic glass elements inside. Only downside I see is your rig becoming considerably heavier but thats not always a bad thing. Will do a review and full test at some point.
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