Which new Sony to get – or wait for Canon?

Sony NEX 5

With the new Sony DSLRs (plus a mirrorless and camcorder) those in the market for a new video DSLR must be feeling a bit dizzy! These have really thrown things up in the air. So what video capable DSLR now suits your needs best? As it happens, the GH2 still has a big roll to play.

I am ignoring the image quality gains from the Sony A77 and NEX-7 for now – we don’t 100% know much about that yet since earlier reviewers have been instructed by Sony not to comment on it until they have the final production samples. All will become clear in a few weeks.

Really this guide is about functionality, needs and exactly what you’ll use most.

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Official – Sony A77 announced & Sony NEX 7 has full manual control in video mode

Sony A77

New Sony cameras – all the details with a video mode emphasis on EOSHD

A77 – breaking news

  • DPReview has full resolution 6400×4000 ISO samples from the A77 up to 12800.
  • DPReview reports that switching to movie mode on the A77 results in a dramatic crop of the sensor. It isn’t yet clear whether this crop goes away if you disable SteadyShot Inside in movie mode.
  • There are no manual audio controls (as far as we know)
  • The HDMI output is 1080p not interlaced! Good news.
  • It has peaking for manual focus
  • AF micro adjust (like the 5D Mk II) is present
  • AF in video mode is only available in P mode not M (boo!)

7am and here’s some breaking news on Sony’s outstanding new DSLRs. First the good news – not just the A77 has full manual control in video mode. The NEX7 does as well. We asked for 24p and manual control, Sony delivered.

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Recommended affordable Sony A77 lenses

Sony A77 lenses

The official announcement of the A77 is due this week. This is a camera that significantly outperforms the current video DSLR top guns Canon 7D and GH2 in every department. If you are going to shift systems your Canon or GH2 compatible lenses (and even Nikon) will be paperweights on the Alpha because of the long flange distance of the mount. Also Sony’s lens range isn’t exactly huge and third party support is less than for Canon and Nikon.

So I’ve been doing some research into what the good deals and good optics are for the A77.

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Do your lenses adapt to the Sony A77 a-mount?

Sony Alpha Leica R Adapter by JIN Finance

All lenses are designed to be placed at a certain distance from the sensor. Too far away and you won’t get infinity focus. In fact – if it’s off by just a few millimetres your lovely lens will become a macro optic only useful for taking snaps of insects and flowers.

So what DSLRs will your current lenses adapt to? The rule to follow is to see what your body’s flange size is. That isn’t innuendo it refers to something technical! Let me explain…

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Sony and Zacuto news round-up

Sony A77

Above: Sony A77 with new Zeiss 24mm F1.8.

I have been in England this past week and survived the riots thankfully! Updates will be back to their normal speed from this week as I’m back to my other home, the much more gentle city of Berlin! Also a quick shout out to anyone else who will be in Berlin this week – Philip Bloom is in town for Cam Busters and I’ll be at any meet-up that happens so come along and say hello. Check Philip’s Twitter for latest updates, times, etc.

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