Official – Sony A77 announced & Sony NEX 7 has full manual control in video mode

Sony A77

New Sony cameras – all the details with a video mode emphasis on EOSHD

A77 – breaking news

  • DPReview has full resolution 6400×4000 ISO samples from the A77 up to 12800.
  • DPReview reports that switching to movie mode on the A77 results in a dramatic crop of the sensor. It isn’t yet clear whether this crop goes away if you disable SteadyShot Inside in movie mode.
  • There are no manual audio controls (as far as we know)
  • The HDMI output is 1080p not interlaced! Good news.
  • It has peaking for manual focus
  • AF micro adjust (like the 5D Mk II) is present
  • AF in video mode is only available in P mode not M (boo!)

7am and here’s some breaking news on Sony’s outstanding new DSLRs. First the good news – not just the A77 has full manual control in video mode. The NEX7 does as well. We asked for 24p and manual control, Sony delivered.

Next – prices. Below the 7D for the A77 despite an unfavourable exchange rate. $1399 for the body. The A65 is a LOT cheaper at $899. NEX-7 is $1350 with the 18-55mm kit lens (same as the older NEX version but black), $1199 without. The street prices are likely to be a bit lower, certainly in Asia and the US but probably not Europe.

The NEX-VG20 camcorder has greatly improved audio but not the new 24MP sensor from the A77. Still it is a worthy alternative to the FS100 and much cheaper at $2199. The NEX5N has one unanswered question remaining (manual control in video mode) at the time of writing but is cheap – $699 with the kit lens. It does AVCHD 2.0 1080/60p and 24p (25p in PAL countries) which makes it something of a bargain.

Hands on with the NEX7 and VG20