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Comment on the forum Canon are marketing the EOS R5 and R6 as reliable filmmaking tools that professionals can depend on during a shoot. As we have seen from field-tests of both cameras, overheating nightmares demonstrate this just isn’t the case even on short shoots in high quality 4K 24p. The reliability issues are so serious that paid professional work is a complete gamble in 4K on both models. Even…

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Comment on the forum Canon President and long-time camera business COO Mr Maeda-san has stepped down for health reasons. The change means 84 year old Chairman and CEO Fujio Mitarai once again assumes the triple role of Chairman, CEO and President until a replacement can be found for Masaya Maeda-san.

Read More Comment on the forum Let’s have a look at thermal management on small mirrorless cameras. The solutions shown here prevent overheating on the Sigma Fp and Panasonic S1H during long recordings. The Sigma Fp shoots 4K RAW internally from a 6K sensor and the Panasonic S1H shoots 6K internally in 10bit 4:2:2 V-LOG. Canon can learn from the design of the Sigma Fp and Panasonic S1H when it comes…

Read More Comment on the forum Canon have finally admitted that their approach to video in the past has been wrong and maybe – just maybe – EOSHD was right! With the EOS R5 apparently video users are important again, even outside of the Cinema EOS range. But are the flagship 8K RAW and 4K/120p modes of the EOS R5 actually practical to shoot with on a day to day basis?

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