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Comment on the forum Canon’s imaging division general manager Takeshi Tokura has given an interview to Japanese camera website Toyokeizai in which he touches on the EOS R5’s controversial debut for filmmakers. Tokura claims 8K went on there in an effort to be first ahead of other companies, and that he doesn’t care whether it attracts video users or not.

Read More Comment on the forum Canon’s mythical cripple hammer needs a theme tune… an anthem. With this Berlin industrial dance band AND ONE I think I’ve found one. TURN THE VOLUME UP! Take this deadly tool and feel the daily routine You go to work for money and for me A cripple hammer here, a cripple hammer there Cripple hammer lovely tool you’ll take it everywhere Cripple hammer lovely tool…

Read More Comment on the forum I can now record 8K video on my Canon EOS R5 with no recovery period or lockout until the battery dies. I filmed the proof and it’s a clear indication that any overheating controversy is the result of an artificially restrictive timer in firmware, rather than any real thermal buildup inside the camera at the end of 20 minutes of 8K recording, monitored by a…

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Comment on the forum “Math Class” on Baidu now has detailed infrared thermometer readings of the camera’s mainboard with the back off, showing they correspond closely to the temperature reported in the EXIF data and don’t rise above 64C. He also found that if you remove the internal battery it resets the so-called overheating limitations. So who is telling the truth now, Canon?

Read More Comment on the forum One of my favourite guys on YouTube is Theoria Apophasis. Theo here is the antidote to the gurning frowny face / amazed face shill. I think his source is utterly convincing about the odd U-turn in the middle of the night involving 65 units of the EOS R5.

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