Silence of the recall! Is Canon turning around shipments of EOS R5?

One of my favourite guys on YouTube is Theoria Apophasis.

Theo here is the antidote to the gurning frowny face / amazed face shill.

I think his source is utterly convincing about the odd U-turn in the middle of the night involving 65 units of the EOS R5.

Until Canon opens up and is truthful, we just have to use our common sense and listen to retailers. In the video above Theoria explains he has a source in retail and has known them for decades. He has been right before and predicted the demise of Olympus to the exact month. He is now saying Canon has in fact done a silent recall on the EOS R5. They did let “some out into the woods” to disguise the recall. In one instance 65 units were heading to a major retailer from a distribution centre. Canon put the breaks on the shipment but let 10 or 12 go through! So it wouldn’t look like a recall!

Why do this? Well I think probably to buy themselves time and lower the impact of a full recall if that is what they decide on later.

This would also explain the extremely slow and small shipments of the EOS R5 to retailers and why it has been so hard to get one.

Obviously, I am interested in hearing more about the distribution of EOS R5 stock. If you are in retail and have any info, please get in touch with me here.

I hear from the retailers I’ve already spoken to a few weeks ago, that shipments have not gone as expected since the overheating news came to light.

I’ll look forward to the day Canon have to come to EOSHD and say – you know what, we are sorry, please send your broken camera back to us and we’ll do the right thing and fix it! Until that day comes I will do everything I can to push for them to do the RIGHT THING.

By the way if you are reading this Theoria, thanks for the mention in the video. “He probably doesn’t like me!” – Nope I do!! Been a subscriber for a while now.

We need more guys like you on YouTube and less McKinnon-Fro-knows-promo types who will sink the platform’s reputation.

In the meantime Canon is staying schtum, quite prepared to pepper us with hype (8K pro video on C300 III productions!) and half truths (dispersing heat with a magnesium alloy body but OOOPS we forgot the thermal pad!) until they figure out what to do about it.

I don’t know why they can’t be honest?

What’s so hard about that?

Does losing a little bit of face in Japan really come before clear communication to customers?

How about Canon do us all a favour and recall that tw** Peter McKinnon as well… Where are HIS follow-up EOS R5 videos for the past month? Did his hit & run on his unsuspecting naive sheep didn’t he! Popped up to hype the EOS R5 and then ran off into the woods never to be seen again, so it’s nice to see somebody on YouTube with some actually grounding in reality for once.