Sony announce pro e-mount 35mm NXCAM

UPDATE – will Sony keep the box form factor? They have done it before with the Sony HDC-P1.

Sony have announced a $7k AVCHD camera with 24p and 35mm sensor. Aimed squarely at the AF100 and Red Scarlet, the boxy looking prototype gives little a way right now but I’m gathering more info as the story unfolds.

Philip Bloom has been attending the UK launch of the Sony F3, where Sony announced development of the new lower end NXCAM and Japanese website Akihabranews were first to hear of the press release which gives some of the specs of the camera away.

• 1080/60p in AVCHD (MPEG4-AVC/H.264) mode (updated AVCHD spec)
• Also 30p,24p and PAL frame rates
• Super 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor
• E-mount (same as Sony’s mirrorless DSLRs and NEX-VG10)

No word on whether the CMOS is a DSLR one with a high megapixel count or a reduced spec version of the fresh Super 35mm video optimised sensor in the F3. I’d say the latter, which would put the camera ahead of the AF100 in performance terms.

Available mid-2011 according to Sony.