Revealed: Metabones EF Sony E-Mount adapter optically defective

Metabones EOS adapter on NEX 7

UPDATE: Metabones inform me they have fixed the latest adapters with an anti-reflective part. If your adapter suffers from reflections, if yours has any of the issues below, simply contact Metabones and send your adapter back for a service

As if the initial non-functioning firmware with the NEX 5N and NEX 7 wasn’t bad enough, it appears Metabones will have to completely re-design the recent EOS lens to E-Mount adapter.

So far no less than 2 firmware updates in Hong Kong have been required to get it to work properly – but now I’m returning my adapter for good. The reason? Major ghosting and inner reflections from the internal plastic housing.

It as if this is an adapter was never actually used by those who designed it.

I’ve tried mine with a number of lenses so far including my Canon-adapted Leica R 50mm F2, Leica R 28-70mm as well as the Samyang 24mm F1.4 so I know it is not a problem with my NEX 7’s sensor or the lens itself. Besides the cheap $40 Pixco adapter doesn’t have the same problem (see below).

When a light source is off the edge of the frame be it left, right top or bottom you get a ghostly reflective image of it at the edge of the frame. It is a very common occurrence, even a 40 watt desk light or LCD display is enough to trigger the deadly reflective glow.

You can almost read the text on my LCD and it isn’t even in the frame

Metabones fault

And here’s a phantom desk lamp where a plain wall should be!

Desk lamp

The glow also occurs when the object is off the bottom or top of the frame.

Metabones glow

Here’s exactly same shot with the same lens on a ultra cheap and cheerful $40 Pixco NEX adapter for EOS:

Pixco adapter

All the above examples were shot on the Sony NEX 7.

If you have the $400 Metabones adapter I strongly recommend returning it immediately and getting your money back or requesting a re-designed replacement.

It isn’t fit for use.