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Werner Herzog Reviews the Sony F35, Red One MX, and Digital Bolex 16!


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Thread title got me excited. Herzog had some harsh words about the Red One MX when he shot with it, so I was interested to hear what he felt about the Bolex, especially as someone with extensive experience with 16mm and documentary shooting.

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I'm usually not into bashing people, but I've just realized that Herzog has nothing to do with this clip. Had canceled it before, because I kinda wasn't into the audio track. Ed, I really think this is a bit pathetic, abusing Herzog's name for this (I found your forum nick change and Lynch's portrait a bit weird, too). I can remember that when I first stumbled upon you, I noticed your short Charlie Chicken that is said to be executively produced (whatever that's supposed to mean) by Lars von Trier. Was that a hoax, too? Boy, that would really be a bloody mess... Then the Bloom thingie...

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Yes lighten up people, no need to use ''pathetic wannabee crap, pathetic, hoax, screw you,'' 

I myself found it funny. It lit up my morning. If you didn't fine, just no need to be so bitter...

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Man, tough crowd, tough crowd.

To address the comments

1. "This wasn't Werner - this was an imposter" - What do you mean, do you not recognize his voice?  It was Werner Herzog.  I have proof.  Check my instagram feed, edwardcdavid

2.  "Wait, did Lars Von Trier not executive produce your Charlie Chicken film about a dog artist whose medium is feces?"  No, of course he did.  I have his personal number.  I met him on the set of Paul Blart: Mall Cop

3.  "So why did Werner do a test?"  Because he saw that Phil Bloom was leaving the camera review game after his latest plea on his Sony FS7 video that if he doesn't reach his "go fund me" goal, he'll never make another test.  Werner felt he needed to come in and do a test, to make people feel better about themselves if they lose their camera reviews for free on vimeo.  He just wants everyone to experience some sort of joy before, they die.

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Yeesh, seems like a lot of folks been removing their sense of humour along with their moire.

​THIS!! Well done sir.

Funny or not, it seems weird to apply a big fat look on the images making it impossible to do any real judgement. Theres like two colors in that palette, teal and orange. Which is the boring mainstream hollywood look. Which can be applied to anything from 35mm to iphone/gopro material. I just don't understand - why this in a camera skintone test?

Don't put a look on a test?

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I just don't understand - why this in a camera skintone test?

Kind of a amusing response that, be it serious or facetious.

Anyway, I found it cute and funny because there's so many beginners and earnest enthusiasts accessing this newly affordable gear --and they seem so damn serious about their cameras.  

How do the British explain it?  "Taking the piss out of..." or something like that?

You (should) know as well as I do that we deserve to be mocked.  If you don't get the silliness, you might want to consider why.  The more this Ed guy riles things up the better, as far as I'm concerned.  If any court needed a bit of jesting, it's us.

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