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25 ways the Sony A7S trumps the Canon 1D C

Andrew Reid

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I'm torn. I love the night footage and latitude of the A7S but that RS is not pretty. The Atomos option sounds great. I usually shoot DSLR's with monitors anyway. At 2000.00 for 1920x1080 that records 4k, that's insane. My Small HD 5.6 ran be 1600.00 back in the day.

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I'm personally thrilled at what's happening in the consumer level marketplace with imaging.  Many of us have been waiting for this to happen for about 20 years and it's more than arrived.   I've pai

Have not used the A7s yet, but I have used the 1D C. Yes, it's heavy, cumbersome, and does not have peaking/zebras…and file sizes are huge.   However, the image (Canon Log) is stunning. I've seen

Too Funny!  You should rename this blog the Canon 1DC sucks.  Yet, you compare every camera you review to it. And, in my opinion, the best looking footage you have shot has been with it.    Here's m

We all need to write to Sony and request it.


Absolutely! Sony do actually sometimes listen and add features in firmware, unlike for example Nikon that will only do bug fixes. I'd seriously  pay for a "pro" version firmware that increased the sensor read speed, even if it's gone generate more heat and may mean shorter continuos shooting. 

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Feel free to add ways the 1D C trumps over the A7S...




Color science (no greenish-yellow tint and strange color response in different lighting conditions (looks like a 3D color map kind of flaw)).

Rolling shutter.

Still shots with autofocus and Canon lenses.


We have 6 cameras for 6 different uses:


1. FS700 for slow motion or when pro audio is needed in-camera.

2. 5D3 for stills (and/or RAW video)

3. GH4 for highest quality video (4K and 1080p) in good lighting conditions

4. A7S for low light and/or portable shallow DOF with compressed video (otherwise 5D3 RAW is far better)

5. GoPro for POV and underwater

6. iPhone 5S for pickup shots and getting a shot 'cause that's the camera we have on hand at the time


Some day all these features will be in a cell phone, watch, or glasses.

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I'd rather take ProRes home from my Shogun than MJPEG from my 1D C internally so the internal 4K recording is of no advantage to me.


That's just me :)

I cannot use the LCD on the 1D C for focus or exposure in 4K, it needs a monitor with peaking, zoom, zebra etc. So does the A7S yet I have 4K over that HDMI. Huge advantage in my book!


I can understand totally the need to justify a purchase that costs in the region of $12,000 and delivers such a lovely image but when it comes to functionality and the A7S comparison I'm only pointing out the facts!

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I've now owned this camera for a whopping 24 hours. Here's the first video I shot, which was to stress the codec, see how well slow-mo performed and to see how well AWB tracked. This was shot with the Zeiss FE 24-70. Other notes are on the video post. I would like an improved RS, but it wasn't an issue in this clip. 


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Excellent article, thanks. However, what do you mean exactly:


Mirrorless lens mount - everything fits (including Canon EF). Leica M lenses are the cream of the crop and to shoot 4K with these is a dream


I regard you talk about the α7s? Doesn't it need metabones speedboster 4k ef to sony ex adapter in order to work with canon ef lenses? 

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I've decided to go for FS700 but now, after reading your post I realised how many great things A7S has in such a small package. What would be advantages to go for FS700 now? (besides obvious super slow motion).

Andrew, can I ask you, what would you chose at this particular moment in time? (I've got FS700 budget, maybe a bit more).

Many thanks!


 FS700 gives you better rolling shutter, ND filters built-in... fun slow mo!


It's not a great codec, but it can look good.


This was most fun I ever had with my clothes on, on a shoot, in a Welsh cottage.


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The slomo from the A7s and the G4are not useful for any kind of commercial application.  Way too soft.  

The GH4 may be soft at 96fps, but shoot at 50 or 60fps and you're in back in full HD, way more detailed than the 5DIII's 1080p (almost the same as 1080p24 on the GH4). And still at 96fps it stands a lot better than Canon's 720p...

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We got it now!!! you don't like the 1DC... Let's move on please! and let's stop all those ridiculous comparison posts.


it's ashamed because it is a fantastic camera.


There's nought ridiculous about pointing out the facts Anthony. Have fun.

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