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  1. I don't really want to be controversial here, but Arri and Red are not in your list either! I'm not sure why the way Canon runs their business seems to trigger so much anger with you. If the other cameras are better, then you know what to do!
  2. Sorry to disappoint - Went for a test of the Zcam E2 with CVP in London: 16 stop - Not true, unless the C200 has 17 stops - Testing along side C200 and more DR on C200 - The camera is well made and has an interesting size, but for me the rolling shutter was the deal breaker... It is a good effort thought. Lovely little screen on the top, but it needs to be off centred a bit more. Solid construction. I did not buy it just because of the rolling shutter. The image coming out is very nice. Autofocus I did not try but talking to Philip Bloom at the BVE he clearly expressed that the AF was unusabl
  3. Oh boy!!!! This world is freaking me out... that feeling of freedom we think we have... Sorry I'm closing on 50 Years old, I lived through interesting decades 80' 90' and now this!!! Give it another 20 years and I think some of those old scifi movies might just be a reality....
  4. There is a new link on eBay as I had to re-list it.... Here you go.. it comes with 2 batteries and 2 cf cards... all with doc, strap cd and original box http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canon-EOS-1DC-/182434895840?hash=item2a79f797e0:g:kZkAAOSwa~BYd-tU Any questions please ask... I'm also adding a few pics..
  5. I'm putting my canon 1dc for sale on eBay. it is in mint condition. let me know if you need infos. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182419742552?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks
  6. Andrew you said, and I quote "At no time have I been asked for my feedback on DSLR video despite EOSHD being one of the biggest resources for DSLR video on the internet. Sony and Panasonic talk to me" That should tell you something! Maybe a bit less about canon's product lack of features and a bit more on the great thing that have and still being achieved with their tools would go a long way.. Just a thought. Trust me they are not lagging behind... With all those low light and 10bits and raw etc... Could you point me to a single video that is telling a story in a better way because of
  7. Well, Ebrahim, Thank you for your general life advice, although it felt patronising in parts. but that's fine! A Community is exactly what Andrew has created. I have followed him and enjoyed his reviews since the beginning of his blog. I have also enjoyed some of his shorts and purchased two of his books. I will not denied that Andrew has done a great job. But what I will not accept, is for people to be banned for emitting their opinion on his short film. I don't think they were insulting at all, clumsy at best. I even sensed, taking into account Andrew extensive knowledge, that they w
  8. WOW... You removed removed Nog and Baltic. I guess Lincoln was right in that if you want to test a man's character, give him power. I can't talk about over threads, but in this Thread those 2 guys were giving their opinions and frankly I think they had a point. I'm not a fan of that video either, that does not make you a rubbish filmmaker. You just made a piece that some like and some other don't. Please feel free to also remove my account if you also think that I'm causing trouble. You will then just have lost all credibility to me. Regards...
  9. We got it now!!! you don't like the 1DC... Let's move on please! and let's stop all those ridiculous comparison posts. it's ashamed because it is a fantastic camera.
  10. Completely agree with FilmBrute. And, something tells me that the GH4 will give you exactly the same result as the sony.
  11. Andrew, for someone who says "attention seeking for clicks." on the post above, You look like someone who knows how to play the game quite nicely too ;) Oh well, that was a nice april's fool :D
  12. Andrew, Can I assume that the same rule would apply to my 1DC? If so, can i do the whole process in davinci resolve? turn the footage to 10 bit and then downscale and export to prores444?
  13. 3 points... 1 - The line under EODHD logo has to go soon since DSLR is dead for video. 2 - Holly crap I just bought a 1DC. What a waste of money (Really!!) 3 - I agree with Birk Kromann.
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