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2x Squeeze Anamorphic Lenses - Comparisons & Best Value for Money


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I'm looking for reviews and comparisons of quality and functionality among the many different brands of 2x squeeze anamorphic lenses on the market.


I am aware of the LOMO, Kowa Prominar / Kowa Bell & Howell etc... that are listed in the 'Anamorphic Shooters Guide' but was wonering from your experience and research what brand of 2x lens is the best value for money.



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I have a Kowa 16-H and optically, it'd be pretty tough to beat. I can get down in the neighborhood of 28mm on my GH2's oversized M4/3 sensor if I'm cropping to 2.39:1, and it's tack sharp. Built like a tank. The flares are gorgeous, and can look anywhere from StarTrek stark to Old LOMO, depending on the taking lens. There's so much flexibility to be had by changing taking lenses, that as an upgrade I'm developing a synchronized focus system for my Kowa instead of swapping it for the Isco/LOMO route.

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Agreed with Kowa 16H/8Z (same lens). This thing is just screaming for a camera to come out with a great 4:3 shooting mode. Currently 3.66 is just too stretched for my liking. However, I'm keen to test out with a GH4 at 4k for 2k delivery. Until then, 1.5x is the best for my tastes.

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