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  1. Great work put into it and all, but as far as a demo of these anamorphic lenses go it may as well have been shot spherical and cropped top and bottom! Would have been pretty convincing compared to this, which is really not what you want when you spend all the extra time and $$$ shooting with anamorphics.
  2. Best to just photograph a perfect circle that has horizontal and vertical lines intersecting at the middle of it from various distances away. Then unsqueeze at say 1.8x, 1.9x and 2x and compare until you see a perfectly round circle, that will be the squeeze factor. I have an Isco Ultra Star that is labelled as 2x but after testing it this way myself I found it to be 1.8x.
  3. The anamorphic cinematography in Killing Them Softly is just exquisite!
  4. I'm looking for reviews and comparisons of quality and functionality among the many different brands of 2x squeeze anamorphic lenses on the market. I am aware of the LOMO, Kowa Prominar / Kowa Bell & Howell etc... that are listed in the 'Anamorphic Shooters Guide' but was wonering from your experience and research what brand of 2x lens is the best value for money. Thanks.
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