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Colorizer Fujifilm Film Simulation LUTs for multiple cameras

Attila Bakos

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This is the official topic for all Colorizer products.
My main focus is bringing high-precision Fujifilm Film Simulation LUTs to multiple cameras.
The following formats are supported at the moment, click the links for videos and details:
Fujifilm X-T3/X-T4 F-Log
Sony S-Log2/S-Gamut3.cine
Panasonic V-Log L & HLG

I also sell ACES IDTs for cameras that are not natively supported by Davinci Resolve:
- Fujifilm F-Log/F-Gamut
- Nikon N-Log/BT.2020
- Sony S-Log2/S-Gamut3.cine
- Z Cam ZLog2
- GoPro Protune
These packs include a lot of 3D LUTs simulating the ACES Rec.709 look, so it can be valuable for Premiere users as well.

I also have Technical fixes for common color shift issues caused by bad interpretation of certain clips in Premiere. I strongly suggest you check this out if you're a Fujifilm user.

As a bonus I created a bunch of free online tools for creating and modifying 3D LUTs, so if you're into this kind of stuff, visit http://colorizer.net.

Thank you for your attention,

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