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Colorizer Fujifilm Film Simulation LUTs for multiple cameras

Attila Bakos

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@kye Great. Thank you for adding that note. I'm quite protective of highlights generally at the point of capture (as long as I'm not compromising skin tones) as I find that clipping is the greatest remaining "digital tell" that can usually be avoided. But this is always good to keep in mind. 

@Attila Bakos I've never approached LUTs as a "click and done" solution, particularly wanting to preserve options for the further application of tone curves. Since moving on from (and now partially back to) Fujifilm, I have missed Eterna as a baseline for further work. To date, my best, neutral LUT for V-Log has been a 2021 LUT by Gamut applied at 80% - even then the shadows would generally be more crushed that I'd prefer for further grading.

Your Eterna LC LUT! It's marvelous for how I like to work! I am now editing a piece that I filmed primarily last year. Replacing the Gamut with this low-contrast LUT - I really like the color interpretation (even in some challenging mixed-lighting) and a whole world of shadows is available to further work with, rather than to try and pull back in some fashion. 

Just so, so nice. 

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9 hours ago, kye said:

It's worth noting that this highlight clipping behaviour is a limitation with all LUTs, not just in this case.

The reason here is a bit different though. V-Log L clips at 80 IRE so my LUTs in the V-Log L LUT pack will push that to white. V-Log on the S1 clips at 88 IRE if I remember correctly so any information between 80-88 IRE will be lost, even if the interpretation of the clip is correct (full vs video range).

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On 3/11/2024 at 10:32 AM, Attila Bakos said:

Hi, the X-H2s Film Simulation LUT pack is finally finished, see the demo video here:

Product details: https://colorizer.net/index.php?op=xh2s

The F-Log implementation on the X-H2s is slightly different from that of the X-H2/X-T5/X100VI, but the difference is very small, so you might be able to use this pack on those bodies as well. If you send me clips I can apply all the LUTs just to make sure. (I only have access to an X-H2s at the moment.)

I also added extra LUTs to the X-T3 LUT pack:

- Classic Neg
- Nostalgic Neg
- Eterna Bleach Bypass

This is a free addition to anyone who purchased this LUT pack before.

Product details: https://colorizer.net/index.php?op=xt3

About the future:
I invested a lot of time into the original EOS R to create Fuji Filmsims for C-Log but I faced many technical difficulties I could not solve. The thing is it reacts very differently to changes in light compared to the Fuji and the resulting LUTs were only precise in very specific lighting conditions. I also have an R6II in the house so I might focus on that body instead, maybe that's a better match for what I'm trying to do here.
I also have an S5IIx with me, we'll see what I can do with that camera, I'm very curious about the realtime LUT feature.

Did you test it with the GFX 100? I have one again if you need any experiments doing.

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11 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Did you test it with the GFX 100? I have one again if you need any experiments doing.

No, this LUT pack is only for the X-H2s. It might give acceptable results for all Fuji cameras including the GFX100 as the F-Log implementations are not that different, but I prefer accuracy.

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