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DIY Perks Fixed the Canon R5! (almost)

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6 hours ago, Matt Perks said:

I am indeed! I meant to thank bloggers (including Andrew specifically) for bringing the issue of overheating up so much. The pressure about the timer nonsense forced Canon to change the way the camera monitors temperatures, which is the reason the mod works at all.

You should create a mod-kit.

I mean... kickstarter is all you need to get it started. You don't even need to do so much either. You have the demo of it in the video (already).... sell the copper cut-out piece with the thermal paste at $250 a piece with a warning (voiding warranty). You don't need the fan.... just changing the 2 hour recovery time to 5 min. is more than enough.

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Pure speculation mine but I think Canon did not route the heat to the back of the camera because people put their face there if they use the EVF.... a great solution for getting sued for burns. 
On the bottom seems safer.

Or maybe the C90 would have a nice integrated cooling fan a la C70 with R5 internals..... 


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@Matt Perks idea in the video of Canon being slightly more brave and business savvy of designing the heat sink to dump heat to the tripod mount and then selling a battery grip or standalone component that increases cool down times was a massive missed opportunity and quite a fail imho. They could have almost eliminated all the bad press and made bigger margins on their camera by selling an accessory or a upgrade service. 🤷‍♂️

Hell for all we know they might release a R5c that is $1500 more that is simply this heat sink mod!

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