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Canon boss Masaya Maeda steps down

Andrew Reid

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Canon President and long-time camera business COO Mr Maeda-san has stepped down for health reasons. The change means 84 year old Chairman and CEO Fujio Mitarai once again assumes the triple role of Chairman, CEO and President until a replacement can be found for Masaya Maeda-san.


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2 minutes ago, Nikkor said:

Seppuku isn't a thing anymore?

Only in some of these awesome cinematic masterpieces from Japan, fortunately.


1 hour ago, josdr said:

The new 84 year old president will now deem that 720p line-skipping is more than enough for the R5 and will give relevant firmware instructions...


Is it really health problems or a means to save face? My best wishes to Mr Maeda nevertheles..

Is it implications or is it consideration of health you are communicating? Nevertheless, my best assumptions about your intentions:) 

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dudes done well to make it to 84, and run a rather large business. How many 84 year olds rock stars are there?  most of them are dead at half the age. Me i would have sold it all off 20 years ago retired and bought a small island continent somewhere. 😀

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