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Wide lenses on the GH2 that won't vignette?


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Hi all,


I'm shooting a camera test for my upcoming short on a GH2, and I wanted to test with an SLR Magic 12mm T 1.6 Hyperprime, because of all the great reviews, and example footage I saw.  My test is during the day so I took notice of all the warnings to get a large ND filter to avoid vignetting.  I bought a Fader MkII Variable ND filter at a 77mm size, and then bought a 58/77mm step up ring for the SLR Magic Hyper Prime.  

To my dismay, when I received the lens from my mail order lens rental place, without any filter and just shooting on the GH2, I saw some very undesirable distortion on the corners.  I sometimes like imperfections in classic glass, like my Canon FD primes, but this distortion I was seeing on the SLR Magic lenses was pretty unacceptable.  Also...I like flaring, but it seemed this lens in particular has some serious flaring "issues".

Next I put my ND filter setup on the camera, and regardless of my larger ND Fader, I experienced pretty bad vignetting.

Here's where my question comes.  I'm looking to get the equivelant of a 24mm focal length on my GH2.  The 12mm seems like the likely candidate, but I'm wondering a.  Do I have an damaged or defective lens, or b.  Is this the nature of the lens.

If that is the case...does anyone have a good alternative to the Nokton SLR Magic 12mm?  I know the 12mm Olympus is talked about a lot and I also see a fair share of folks talking about the Tokina 11-16 zoom.


I may be running out of time, and may have to shoot on my Canon 5dmkII for this test, but ideally I really wanted to use my GH2, since I specifically bought it for video since I'm not a fan of the Canon look on video.


Any of your advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!!

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mmm...Panasonic G6 would be a better option because is 2x  crop factor and GH2 is 1.86. Also G6 seems a better camera than gh2

But you got GH2...I got slr 12mm with GH2 and to my point of view don't have issues at corners. You got some barrel distortion because of the length but is normal at 12mm. The lens flares . You can avoid trying to "flag" the incoming light.

I have 77mm heliopan vario and got very light vignette. Depends on f stop. My B+W 0.6  ND 77mm don't vignette at all.

The 12mm slr focal length is great on GH2.


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I dont use vari NDs as the give odd artifacts and color shifts to your image , I have used regular screw on NDs on the Panasonic 14mm

It takes a 46mm ND - I use Cokin ND filters as they do not soften the image and are all uniform and give a good look

ND4 in cloud outside and ND8 in sunlight

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