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Anamorphic shooters in NYC?


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Hey Javier,


I'm looking for nice locations to shoot.  I've been going all over lower Manhattan just shooting all kinds of stuff.  Plus it'd be nice to talk to someone who knows Anamorphics.  Most everyone is just Blackmagic or Canon LOL...


I'll send you a PM!

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If you are still looking for a place to go, consider taking a stroll through Chinatown. Lots of uncommon, colorful visuals.

I've been to Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, Dumbo, Grand Central Station, Rockafeller Center, Times Square, Central Park.  I plan to visit Chinatown, Chelsea, Meatpacking, Freedom Tower, and many more.  I just don't have the time to transcode everything but I will when I get back home.

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