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How Can I Be A Young Director?

Zach Goodwin2

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On 8/27/2019 at 12:21 AM, Zach Goodwin2 said:

 I don't like those Sammy the Sock skits I made. They showed how mentally ill I was instead of how funny I was.

mentally ill = funny

name a hilarious comedian who is 100% sane...?

zach, im crazy too, believe me. its not easy. but im also funny af and u gotta think thats part of it, u kno?

dont worry man, youre in GREAT company...!


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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I am 24 years old. Ever since I was 10 years old, I have taken 5,000 photos and videos in my life. I have spent 5,000 hours studying filmmaking and photography. This is the 5,000th one. I can't show all of them because either they are personal, have been deleted, or are too boring. It has taken Thomas Edison 10,000 tries to get the light bulb and it has taken the Beetles 10,000 hours to be the best band there is. I have taken most of my pictures and videos in natural light.


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Okay, I have done the videography list for the Dadeville Documentary:

introduction of Dadeville,


1. Slideshow images of Francis L. Dade

2. Video of Lake Martin

3. Video of people in Dadeville town walking or people working

4. Video of people fishing or boating or swimming in Dadeville

5. Video of inside of car plant

6. Video of the outside of a nice home


Wickles Pickles,


7. Video of Wickles Pickles jar

8. Slideshow of the brothers who made the Wickles Pickles and picture of the factory of Wickles Pickles

9. Video of me eating a Wickles Pickle




10. Video of outside of Renfroes

11. Slideshow pictures of father and son who owned Renfroes

12. Slideshow pictures of locations of Renfroe's

13. Slideshow picture of Renfroe's as Dadeville Foodland

14. Video of inside of Renfroe's

15. Another video of inside of Renfroe's


Home Plate,


16. Video of outside of Home Plate

17. Video of inside of restaurant

18. Video of food in restaurant

19. Video of waitresses helping out

20. Video of cash register being used

21. Slideshow of people in store


Sigger's Barber shop,


22. Video of outside of barber shop

23. Video of inside of barber shop

24. Video of memorabilia

25. Video of me getting my hair cut and being told to have a "blessed day"

26. Video of me walking out of store


Floyd's Feed and Seed,


27. Video of outside of store

28. Videos of stock

29. Video of Inside of Store


Places nearby Floyd's Feed and Seed,


30. Videos of those places


PNC Bank,


31. Video of exterior of bank

32. Slideshow of history and previous locations

33. Video of drive thru and ATM machine

34. Video of people waving at camera


Other Stores,


35. Video of other stores mentioned on list

36. Video of palm trees outside Eagle Gas Station

37. Video of exterior of churches

38. Video of other places mentioned in paragraph




39. Video of Dadeville sign

40. Video of Dadeville forests

41. Slideshow of weather report during summer

42. Slideshow of weather report during winter

43. Video of Dadeville sign

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I apologize you all, due to business rights and privacy and out of respect, I am unable to completely document my small town, as I do not have the credentials or experience required to document it completely and properly. The documentary project is "too ambitious". Although I can maybe document one small business instead. Oh and HGTV was already documenting my small town.

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No worries. Sometimes I wonder if ZachGoodwin is a real boy or a character someone has created. With that said, I'll play along... I think the point of the "hometown" documentary was supposed to be a simple assignment to get you working on a quick and small film. So, I wouldn't worry too much about the demise of the project. But if there is a business or even an interesting person that would allow you to make a film about them and it intrigues you, then go for it.

I think the greater point you need to think about is that a filmmaker needs a film to make to be a filmmaker.

I always thought you wanted to be a narrative filmmaker, so why not spend your time making 60 second short films? Write it, cast it, shoot it and edit it. Then wash, rinse, repeat.

Good luck.

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Alright I have talked to the small business man, and he has agreed to help me with filming him. I will say that I will be patient with the process and having to film this will take a good amount of time, and also there will be a lot happening during this time, so again I have to be patient. Is there any advice you all have in filming a small business for an advertisement on Facebook and Youtube?

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5 hours ago, Zach Goodwin2 said:

Is there any advice you all have in filming a small business for an advertisement on Facebook and Youtube?

I don't know, for me there is really only one way to play this. We've all seen a thousand shorts about small businesses, barber shops etc. The real value in going forward with this is to set up a narrative that nobody would expect. Something that gets everyone talking about 'that barber shop' and 'your narrative' on it. For example, hire a smoldering out of state call girl who wants a hazy down tempo Brazillian wax. Don't tell the barber... see where things go?

Oh and, don't rely on the barber to have the wax.... and be sure to keep a bottle of Old Monk in your camera bag in case the barber balks.

I know this could be a little off track from what you and the barber might be thinking, but there is no better way to have your lives catapulted into the spotlight than to forget about the children.

Be the light you want to see in the world.

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