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Z6 with N-log 10bit serious video flickering issue at certain ISOs


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While N-Log recording is in effect, Picture Controls cannot be used, ISO sensitivity cannot be set lower than ISO 800 or to values of from Hi 0.3 to Hi 2, Active D-Lighting and high ISO noise reduction turn off automatically, and photographs will not be taken when the shutter-release button is pressed all the way down. The camera may also have trouble focusing; this is not a malfunction. The subject will be displayed in the monitor, not the viewfinder, regardless of the display mode selected, and flicker or noise may be visible in the display.


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13 minutes ago, androidlad said:

Report this issue to Nikon and see if their engineer can replicate this https://www.nikonusa.com/en/about-nikon/contact-us.page

When I first discovered these issues during my two months with this camera I got much hate for reporting them. These are defects... regardless of what Nikon says.  Those Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak. 



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below is from Nikon support:

"I tested our Z6 outdoors today, it was bright out today and even more so with the higher ISO and slower shutter speed requirement. I didn't have ND filters to use, but I had some degree of contrast at 1250 at least, and I didn't see a hint of flicker, even in the waveforms. Can you test this outside and still see an issue, the sample you sent were shot indoors. Maybe you have a bad cable or bad port or bad connection?
I have not received any other similar reports at this time. If you want to have use test the camera here, please let me know. "

his logic is simple: you have issues for indoor shootings , but I have tested, no issue for outdoor shootings.

if you shooting moving subjects, overexposed, maybe not easy to notice this issue.

then what I can say? he is a very smart guy.


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What to say with compassion, try to be patient and I hope you have possibility at least to change your sample of camera for another one. Maybe other users of Z6 here could test issue and in form of petition, using eoshd as voice of truly independent  platform, make some sort of more pressure on Nikon support?

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On 2/16/2019 at 10:42 PM, T.S said:

flickering at certain ISOs, like 1250, 4000,5600 etc, other ISOs are ok. 

happens with N-log/10 bit, all settings and different cables  were tried still no solution.

please refer to the video I tested.

anyone has the same issue and any solution?

PS, just updated the firmware to V1.01, flickering issue still there.

It looks like the flicker happens once you change ISO and then goes away.


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I have the same issue. I haven't tested thoroughly enough to identify the specific settings or lighting conditions that cause this. But I've seen multiple times and it's occured indoor and outdoor under natural and artificial lighting. Overexposing seems to help, but doesn't always get rid of it completely, and overexposing is not always a viable option. Serious problem that needs to be fixed.

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5 hours ago, MaximeM said:

I just noticed the same thing at 1250 and 6400 ISO. Flickering and green/magenta color shifts... Something has to be done.

Curious to know what you think of 10 bit Nlog other than the flickering issue? Do you think its worth getting this setup over the S1 or even the XT3.

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I have the same problem with my Z6 (Firmware 2.2, with ProRes RAW):

When recording videos with N-LOG or RAW (I had the problem already before RAW was unlocked) with an Atomos Ninja V Recorder there is a flickering, especially in shadows and dark parts of the image. 


I tried a motive (books on a desk in a room at night, only a desk lamp with normal old bulb – so no LEDs, TVs, projectors) with all ISO settings. The flickering came up at these ISO settings:  160 (extreme!), 320, 400, 500, 640, 1600, 2500, 3200, 4000. It did not occur at these: 100, 125, 200, 250, 800, 1000, 1250, 2000, 5000, 6400, 8000,10000,12800,16000.

I changed the Nikons flicker reduction from "automatic" to "50 hz" to "60 hz", did not change anything.

I have to say I am desperate. I invested in a Z6 with the Atomos Ninja V plus a Nikon Z 24-70 2.8 lens, mostly for using it in theatres, filming dance performances with theatre lights,  sometimes with video projections, and at the moment it is really not useable.

But if everybody would have this problem with this gear, I suppose there would be a bigger shitstorm going on?

So maybe it is really my camera, or the Ninja V that needs to be repaired?

Did anyone of you have his device repaired or exchanged?


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