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janosch simon

My MiniRAW 1 Camera needs help :-)

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Hey guys :-)

as i love RAW and LOVE highspeed i thought perhaps its possible to build my own raw dng camera :-) 

i foundthis thread over at bmcuser http://bmcuser.com/showthread.php?2043-Little-raw-cam-side-project

and its roughly based on that idea :-)


but i went with an other camera from PointGrey its an USB 3 Flea 3 cam that can shoot up to 720p120fps.

and build a mini itx board with an intel core i3 3225 :-)


still lots of work to be done but at the moment i can write on an ssd 720p120fps at 8bit

and 720p96fps at 12 bit.


but i have a problem with my .raw to .dng conversion:


on the BMCC raw files there is a tag:

DefaultCropSize and DefaultCropOrigin


and i cant get it to work properly with my DNG converter

when i run dng_validate on an converted DNG i get always:

*** Error: Invalid DefaultCropSize ***


does anybody has a sample code or another idea?


to the some picutres of the MiniRaw1 just serach on twitter and instagram for #MiniRAW1 :-)

only pictures at the moment no footage yet :-)

cheers and thx





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Hey Janosch, cool to see you post about your project here. Would love to hear more about it.

I don't have any knowledge about code and stuff... but maybe it's an idea to look into the Canon raw2dng converter? It converts .raw files to dng's. Probably your .raw files aren't exactly the same as what is coming out of the Canon's, but maybe you can get in contact with the person who made it to finetune your own conversion.

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hey Julian! nice to here from you :-) unfortunately i already contacted magic lantern on facebook but the .raw from the canons is way different then the .raw from point grey...


and the crop thing is not that important but i HATE it when i have something i dont understand :D


the problem is i guess how to implement the DefaultCropOrigin code into the rawconverter hm

it would be great to see how BMCC implemented it :D


at the moment im at the begining of the construction of real camera body ;-) lottttt to do but lots of fun :D

cheers janosch

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Standard and open are not necessarily one and the same. MP3 is a standard, but you still need a license to use the decoders/encoders.  That being said I didn't find a patent on micro 4/3s mounts specifically.


This patent might have some useful information in it for your purposes:



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yeah looked at a lot of patents but in the end i will build my own mount ;-) my plan is to adapt arri st and later perhabs some pl mount lenses


today i had great success now i can record continuous in 720p 120fps 12 bit RAW HELL YEAH  ;)


but i didnt thought i need that much cpu power and ssd power :D

now i use and i7 3770t and an ssd RAID 0 array with 2 ssds


phewwwwwwwww so much trial and error :-) but also so much fun :-)

now i will start with a test metal case and plan where to put all the parts.


and learning some c++ and try to use the flycapture sdk to build my own gui...anybody here that is good at taking and SDK and build with this an own GUI? :D


cheers janosch

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today i had great success now i can record continuous in 720p 120fps 12 bit RAW HELL YEAH  ;)


cheers janosch


Good stuff. Can you post some photos of the camera, and be more detailed? I'll really get behind it and support what you do once I see more details.


UPDATE: Just seen the BMCC User post. Looks good. Please put as much detail as possible in your EOSHD posts too and I will start pushing it more on the front page.

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Hey there :-)


small update :-) Just finished my "testbench" so that i can test my lockable MFT mount with adjustable backfocus :-)





so much work still to do but also so much fun...perhabs i can upload some testfootage :-)


cheers janosch

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progress :D





my prototype MFT mount works GREAT :) its like no other on the market not pressed by springs its pressed by mechanics :D


big thx to my machinst without him this would not be possible.


one pity it the the c-mount to mft adapter i got from ebay dont works :-( the problem is that i cant screw the lens far enough in :-/



but my mft to ef mount works flawless also my backfocus adjustment :-) 


guess my buddy and me need to machine an own c-mount to mft adapter ;-)

cheers janosch

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the model said its ok so here we go :D this is just a testclip no cut just converted in davinci resolve and blackandwhite :-)



filmed with 120fps this time with only 8 bit and an Arriflex Carl Zeiss Distagon 8mm f2 :-) irgs that compression :-(


the orginial prores file is much better :D


cheers janosch

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