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  1. Stop discrimination against differently shaped bodies. All cameras are beautiful. I must say. I loved the way Lucy looked, and the film also
  2. Any cheap monitor would do this if you don't mind using gaffer tape
  3. I own and use the 5.6 version. It is a great little monitor. I have the feeling that the colours aren't really accurate, but have read that the 7" version is better in that field. Mine has no SDI out btw. Only an HDMI loop through
  4. Can we see the video first?
  5. It seems very interesting to be able to use this metadata for 3d tracking and adding models inside shots!
  6. Oh man, Thats awesome. I also recently worked on a video for Ummet Ozcan as an AC with a Phantom Miro. Had a blast!
  7. thats great of course. But I am thinking more in the direction of actual lights, like red heads and kino flo's.
  8. What kind of solutions do you guys use for lighting? I love working with full blown rental vans. But the budget isn't always there!
  9. Love the new sigma 18-35mm for sharpness and convenience. But worked as an AC for a DP with leica lenses. Darn that 100mm was tasty!
  10. Lighting looks great. Just a shame that you didn't blind the stands with some black cloth or something!
  11. I wouldn't like to be a focus puller on a shoot with one of these... :P
  12. Real pretty video! Great to see how people are achieving such nice results on such a small and cheap device. Truly intriguing!
  13. I would think 77mm would be enought, 30mm is not that wide!
  14. Around 17mm I would guess?
  15. What seems to be the problems of the 14mm? I just ordered one :O
  16. You can also try the Rokinon 14mm 2.8 with speedbooster. Then you'll have a equivalent of approx 10mm at F2
  17. Yet I believe that you cannot really adapt anything to nikon thanks to the big flange distance, right?
  18. Maybe cut it to a second? :D
  19. Won't be long before companies start producing those I guess
  20. For only 99$ it is indeed a wise investment for rigbuilding around the pocket cam. I am curious how people will use it for handheldshoots. With a Loupe and maybe an super 8 like handle it must be great I think.
  21. Cool! You mind sharing the 'better' proress file then maybe? Looks like a project with great potential! :)
  22. Just smack a vase filled with bouncingballs in front of it, if you want to test the slowmotion and colors!
  23. I don't think such an adapter exists. Feel free to contact a seller on ebay, they might be able to tell you more!   http://myworld.ebay.com/ciecio7 This guy is a great source for all your adapters :) 
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