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  1. hey guys sorry was not here long time but here a new clip this time in color :-) cheers janosch
  2. here is another clip this time green screen test :D today i also got my canon XL mount for the miniraw and the first tests were nice :D here is a pic the problem with canon XL lenses is that they only work with power and all the controls are digital digital focus zoom and no aperture setting.... so to test out the image quality we build an canon xlmount and i used the canon xl1s to control the lens on my miniraw :D crazy but works now i need to reveres engineer the spi that comes from the camera for this prupose i have an logic analyzer nice project and the great thing about xl lenses is that it also has an 1/3" sensor and there is an canon xl 3.4-20.4 lens which would be an equivalent of 24-142,8 niceee :D any of you guys has workd with lens protocols like spi? cheers janosch
  3. some small update ;-) just put a smal clip together what do you guys think? spread the word :D cheers janosch
  4. some faceflift ;-)   http://instagram.com/p/erDpfNo8C4/     cheers janosch
  5. hey guys things work fine but still lot of work :) my 10" cap touch screen works great need to mill a case :_) and today i got my poor mans redmote http://instagram.com/p/eDChVCI8Lk/  :D a mini keyboard with multitouch keypad works perfect!   cheers janosch
  6. hey there :) im using an i7 3770t cpu on an z77n-wifi gigabyte MB :-) cheers janosch
  7. *cough* yeah could have a little bit more action for the fact that the download is some gb ^_^   but in anyway it looks nice logish :-)
  8. ARGGGGG just got my Fujinon 6,4-90 f1.4 lens i THOUGHT it was an B4 mount because the ebay dealer wrote it....   so my buddy and i design a mount for my MiniRAW 1 and i was excited to test it and i CANT get in in focus....so i removed my mount and hold the lens in front of the Ptgrey Flea3 and moved so it get into focus...and i need to get around< 10 mm closer.... after a long search i found this thread: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/5862/12-inch-eng-zoom-lenses-and-mounting-solutions/p1   DAMN didnt know that there is an Sony 1/2" mount with an flange distance of 35.74 and compared to the B4 flange distance of 48mm it makes sense ARGGG :D   soo be carefull when you buy a B4 lens ;-)   cheers janosch
  9. hm if i find the file :-))) but im affraid that its to big :-/
  10. the model said its ok so here we go :D this is just a testclip no cut just converted in davinci resolve and blackandwhite :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--H2aBZRAgQ&feature=youtu.be   filmed with 120fps this time with only 8 bit and an Arriflex Carl Zeiss Distagon 8mm f2 :-) irgs that compression :-(   the orginial prores file is much better :D   cheers janosch
  11. yeah i know that its time for some footage :D but i have only some testclips need to ask the models if its ok to show them :D   cheers janosch
  12. progress :D   http://instagram.com/p/b358s3o8HB/     my prototype MFT mount works GREAT :) its like no other on the market not pressed by springs its pressed by mechanics :D   big thx to my machinst without him this would not be possible.   one pity it the the c-mount to mft adapter i got from ebay dont works :-( the problem is that i cant screw the lens far enough in :-/     but my mft to ef mount works flawless also my backfocus adjustment :-)    guess my buddy and me need to machine an own c-mount to mft adapter ;-) cheers janosch
  13. oh how to rotate the image? :D   cheers janosch
  14. Hey there :-)   small update :-) Just finished my "testbench" so that i can test my lockable MFT mount with adjustable backfocus :-)   [attachment=564:Foto.JPG]     so much work still to do but also so much fun...perhabs i can upload some testfootage :-)   cheers janosch
  15. thx Andrew :-) yesterday i tested the config and it seems to work flawless without any dropped frame :-) hm but it seems Davinci Resolve dont like 17000 DNG damn :D
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