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My cameras and kit

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  1. Hey guys :-) as i love RAW and LOVE highspeed i thought perhaps its possible to build my own raw dng camera :-)  i foundthis thread over at bmcuser http://bmcuser.com/showthread.php?2043-Little-raw-cam-side-project and its roughly based on that idea :-)   but i went with an other camera from PointGrey its an USB 3 Flea 3 cam that can shoot up to 720p120fps. and build a mini itx board with an intel core i3 3225 :-)   still lots of work to be done but at the moment i can write on an ssd 720p120fps at 8bit and 720p96fps at 12 bit.   but i have a problem with my .raw to .dng conversion:   on the BMCC raw files there is a tag: DefaultCropSize and DefaultCropOrigin   and i cant get it to work properly with my DNG converter when i run dng_validate on an converted DNG i get always: *** Error: Invalid DefaultCropSize ***   does anybody has a sample code or another idea?   to the some picutres of the MiniRaw1 just serach on twitter and instagram for #MiniRAW1 :-) only pictures at the moment no footage yet :-) cheers and thx Janosch      
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