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  1. I received this in a newsletter less than 24hrs ago:       More information here    
  2. Timelapse......hmmm.    I like the surreal aspect where the background is constant but there appears to be a tiny universe of activity taking place inside the glass.   If the surface of the liquid were used as a type of projection screen, a distinct, but subtle, reflection.....like clouds moving or the motion reflected from an LCD might make it even more interesting.
  3. The 50D uses CF cards: http://***URL removed***/news/2008/8/26/canoneos50d  (scroll down to 'Storage' specifications)
  4. Julian,   Excellent footage, keep it rolling!   The red dress on the beach...staged or serendipity? Brilliant!
  5.  Good detail in the foreground reflections.    Is that a person with a red pullover in the foreground (near the three puddles)?   The car picking up the pedestrian doesn't have its headlights on (even after emerging from under the trainline)....hmmm...mysterious. The driver does, however, get full marks for their use of the indicator.   I detect some dropped frames which may be a result of the streaming and full screen playback.     Now I'm even more curious. Were they close-ups, macro or was the light just not right?    Your dog looks like a miniature lion.
  6. A quick peek. (view fullscreen)   http://johnbrawley.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/footage-in-your-pocket/   .............................................   Just noticed the 'heads up' was also posted here: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2591-blackmagic-pocket-cc-footage-quickdirty-by-brawley/
  7. I'm still in the process of deciding which Cosina Voigtlander to buy, 17 or 25mm for use on the BMD Pocket Camera. I'd like to go with the 17mm; but in addition to that I also require a lens to be used combination with a Bolex 8/19/1.5x anamorphic. Would the 25mm fit the latter scenario?   A present, I do not own any MFT lenses and would like to start my collection with something rather special.
  8. Nicely done and congrats!    When cutting between a few of the shots where the 'talent' were positioned in front of the same background there was a visible 'jolt' (background shift); this may have been intentional; however, if you were to place a marker (usually a cross of tape) to indicate where you want the talent to stand, such 'jolts' could be avoided. The use of this technique is also applicable when dealing with moving subjects and predetermined focus pull.
  9. I hope you left the seller good feedback? It is a superb lens, especially with the inclusion of the Redstan components. 
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