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  1. I allready have a pre-36 and a 54 but i am looking for a 36, 1.5 non-MC. 36 with bigger rear elelement than pre-36. I am living in the Netherlands.
  2. Its a old post but by any change... Do you still have one?
  3. For sale : Mint condition Kessler Pocket Dolly Philip Bloom Edition, Traveller. This really is it...a pocket Cineslider, with the same movement and design features like drag control, integrated crank and different speed ratio all in one beautifully designed package. It comes complete with outrigger feet, flat head tripod adaptor and nifty case. It is also totally compatible with the Elektra drive and Oracle system meaning you can motorize your movements both in real time and for timelapses Will ship World-Wide. Price Euro 750,-
  4. For sale and in Mint condition. Sony A7S + Movcam cage (and rod stand) + original Sony batt.grip. Camera is in the Netherlands but will ship worldwide. Will sell for Euro 2000 whole set. All boxes are there
  5. http://r.ebay.com/zhbYG5 For sale: Iscorama 54 MC in super condition. Focus is smooth, glass is in top condition. Comes with redstan (red) adapter 67mm thread. Also a front ring with diopter set (+1, +2, +4, +10) and ND filter. Lens is in the Netherlands. Will ship World-Wide. Feel free to ask me a question.
  6. I am in the Netherlands and have a 36 van Diemen. Interested?
  7. Oh boy it is pretty soft... Some shots look ok but i skip this one i think and stick to my Iscorama's
  8. Interesting but bad experiences with this TAX and Shipping stuff. Do you have any footage you shot with this particular baby? Will PM you
  9. Hi All. I have a Sony A7S coming in tomorrow and am looking at a good wide lens for my re-housed Van Diemen Iscorama. The Iscorama is a early 36 (slight smaller rear end) pentax mount but re-housed by Van Diemen. I tried the Nikon 50mm F1.8 as a taking lens on my Canon 5DMKIII but this one has a lot of vignetting. Now the front glas of the Nikon lens lies pretty deep (see picture) in its own housing so the distance between the rear end of the Isco and the front element of the Nikon 50 mm lens looks pretty far housing of its own housing. (I think its more than one centimeter) This might be the cause of the vignetting. Now i know that 50mm should do the trick but my question is will it work on the Nikon 50mm E series pancake version? This lens has no deep housing on the front element (like on te picture)so this might work. Can anyone do a short test before i buy one. I know the 50mm E serie is cheap but i have plenty of 50mm lying around here collecting dust already ;-) Thanks guys! Wilco
  10. Hi I just received my GH4 and i like it. I am a Adobe PP CC editor who is looking at FCPX to experiment. Now i was wondering if anybody has some experience with 1.33x (SLR Magic) and 1.5x anamorphic (Iscorama) footage (4K & UHD) footage in FCPX. Do i just use the distort option in FCPX? Or are there other/better solutions? Looking for the highest resolution possible. So if there are some experienced FCPX Anamorphic users willing to share their settings... it would be much appreciated! Thank you in advanced Wilco
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