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  1. Thanks Alex. Good to know you're up for a challenge. I'll be in touch once I fully researched my options
  2. Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a company that does Iscorama rehousing, other than Van Diemen, who will probably be too expensive for me, especially with V2 version. I know that richg101 was planing to do some, but I believe he's very busy with his current orders, so it might be a while before i hear back from him (unless he will check this post ). Are there any other options? Thanks!
  3. Decided to take the lens off the market for now. No longer for sale
  4. I've now finished and posted my review of the ISCORAMA 42 for anyone interested http://www.vintagelensesforvideo.com/iscorama-42-review/
  5. I do not believe 42s came with taking lenses but I might be mistaken.
  6. After long deliberations with myself I decided to let my ISCORAMA 42 MC go, because freelance life can get a bit tough in winter months, especially with the tax payments here in UK. The lens is in near new condition, probably one of the best you’ll ever come across. Body has almost no signs of use. Focus ring and all the markings have no visible wear. There are NO scratches, marks, haze or fungus outside or inside the optics. As with every vintage lens there are a few tiny dust specs inside. They won’t affect the image quality in the any way and most people wouldn’t even mention them, but I wa
  7. Guys. I have a Kiron 28-85mm F2.8-3.8 in Nikon mount, which doesn't rotate when focused buy does extend by about an inch when pull/push zoomed. The aperture on my one is stuff wide open, so willing to donate it to anyone who thinks they could fix it. Just cover the shipping costs and it's yours!
  8. Thanks a lot for sharing this Tito. ​I think you can use email to login and then there are various ways to enter which do not involve facebook or twitter ​Here it is again: http://www.vintagelensesforvideo.com/proskar-16-giveaway/
  9. Great work guys. Long time reader in the background, but hope to contribute soon. Already bought my Schneider Cinelux, now just need the FM lens. Facebook says the sold out already, so a bit of a wait for those of us who didn't invest into the first batch. @Hans Punk how is that gear from Raf working out for you? Will definitely buy one once I get the FM.
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