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Clearing up the utter bull**** in this Tony Northup Panasonic S1 video

Andrew Reid

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12 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

Well now he is talking about a Canon 500 Dollar FF camera. Makes some good points but man that seems like a real long shot from Canon or any other company.

Sounds like they're in full on troll / click bait / Canon shrill mode. 


11 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

He has a point, only Canon could probably do it that cheap.

Well as one of the youtube commentators said.... 

"They have already build a 500$ mirrorless full frame camera. And then they overpriced it to 1300$, because that's what they do."

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Hi Andrew,

I'm not sure when this trend started, but companies are not plural. It is "Panasonic has", not "Panasonic have". It makes me cringe observing the increasing number of people latching on to this mistake. Companies are a grammatical singular entity even though they refer semantically to an aggregation. (Semantics refer to the meaning of a thing).

 That aside, Tony's article bugged me too but after watching it several times, I realized he prefaced his negative comments with explanations of why he reached the opinion he did, and he was very careful to qualify all of his negative comments. Still, it bugged me that he posted a "commissioned" link to profit from any S1/S1R purchases - even though he says the camera is not yet a wise consumer purchase.

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 I think its bad idea for anyone, especially a professional reviewer to dismiss a camera that they haven't spent time with. That said for me with the X-T3 the EOS RP seems like a good way to get into FF. I already have some Canon FF lenses to try with my X-T3 and Viltrox speedbooster so would just need the body and adapter. Also while it does crop 4k the 1.6x factor is a perfect match for an EF-S lens. Where can I get equivalent lenses for the S1 crop? The S1R seems to do everything but for the price with kit lens I can have the X-T3 with gimbal, a zoom, couple of primes AND a speedbooster plus a Canon zoom and primes while I wait out the mirrorless FF wars. 

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He doesn't have the camera to test it.

Here is a review from someone who has it since 4/4. The Panasonic S1 REVIEW. Darn NEAR PERFECT Digital Camera


Here is from someone who used it more than 3 months. 

Video shooting with Panasonic S1: Long Term Real World Review


He lack any credibility when he doesn't even have the S1 to try it for long term. 


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Browsing through this topic I was surprised to find out that Sony Imx272 sensor used in GH5 is capable of 110fps 4K 10 bit, and even 6K 84 fps 10 bit gush we need a magic lantern for our beloved GH5! I would be vert happy with a 96fps 4k 8bit 5 min recording capability with AF. 

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