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  1. Aren t you the guy who sells expensive luts (everybody can make on their own within 5 minutes) to amateurs? or the guy who stole everything from Magiclantern, packed it into a "raw shooters guide" and sold it expensive? Hahaha.
  2. https://www.panoramaplanet.de/comp/
  3. Dude_ger

    DJI Ronin S

    Never had this experience and i am using it for 4 weeks now. Also i heard of dozens of cases where people did not read the manual
  4. Dude_ger

    DJI Ronin S

    Looses connection with what?
  5. https://www.ebay.de/itm/132758865250?_trksid=p2471758.m4704
  6. Absolutely not true, sorry. Maybe go to film school or somewhere where they can explain this to you.
  7. I don t get the point, you always can tell which picture is fullframe and which is apsc or mft or whatever. It s not about the light, it s the look, and this look you can t replicate using faster lenses.
  8. Hahaha yeah It's painted styrofoam.
  9. When we were doing a TV series on 16mm back in the days, there used to be one person that always had her phone with her. Was a fun to find out her number and call during a take.
  10. It' s kinda old and vfx, but hey- fire Panasonic HVX with PS 35 adapter.
  11. Rent one and check for yourself. A shoulder rig isn't just about holding your camera.. You have 4 points where your body is connected to the camera, 2 hands, shoulder and your eye. This allows movement and a look you don't get with anything else. You can attach a follow focus and pull focus without shaking. You won't use it all the time- it's a tool for special scenes like a Steadicam or Dolly, you only use it when needed. (Or if you do like an event all day long) If you like the feeling of your rented rig, don't buy a compromise- no gorilla pod and no rig with one handle or anything that costs less than 200 $ (new), you will get pissed of because of screws getting loose and things like that. You always can atttach weight to a rig, but i recommend doing this after all is set up and you can balance it right.
  12. Just got the Tokina 11-16 as a replacement for my old samyang 14mm. I love it. Keep in mind that the Tokina has 9 aperture blades vs 7 on the Panasonic 14mm
  13. ade towell- exactly! There are pros and cons about the ibis. But one thing to consider- no actual one hand gimbal works without ibis while running. You always get jitter. So if you don t use a lens stabilisation with the gh5s, this is a thing to think about.
  14. Luckily this wasn´t my card, so i feel very sorry to say no
  15. Sandisk (300MB) is perfect. I did not try that dual card thing yet. But it s sooo fast. We did burnouts with a motorcycle on it, and it still worked fine.
  16. It s a cat and it s not mine
  17. Hi, just put it up on Ebay. Kowa 8z, 3D Clamp from Tito, lock ring, front and rear caps. Rear lens has a little scratch, no fungus or cleaning marks. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Kowa-Prominar-8z-anamorphic-cinemascope-lens-with-clamp/132417863185
  18. Dude_ger

    gh5 timelapse

    95% Gh5 and handheld, i always use elctronic shutter (except nightshots), it s such a great thing. Only the GH5s levels are shit, but it is one of the best cams for timelapse in my opinion. I often find myself using the kit lens, because it s such a light setup. The 5d gave me back pain.
  19. yeah right, didn t see that it was already posted
  20. New firmware is out since yesterday, did someone mention it?
  21. Yeah i ll try. I just startet some months a go to take pictures of all that shit
  22. Hi, some boring evenings made me set up this page about some filmmaking and other diy stuff, quick and dirty solutions: https://www.facebook.com/Kitchen-Table-Solutions-223193894881928/ I´ll post things i had to do for shooting and fun. If you like, have a look, it´s just a hobby. Thanks
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