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Photokina Part 2 - Panasonic S1R hands-on (sort of) plus Fujifilm X-T3 / EOS R hands on / Blackmagic Pocket 4K shipping news

Andrew Reid

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All of the following photos were shot with my Canon FD 85mm F1.2 from 1976 on the Fujifilm GFX 50S. Medium format at F1.2?! Yes, it works and no vignetting!

I am really interested in what Fuji is doing at the moment, but with the most interesting cameras at the show just a development announcement and dummy body-design, we'll have to wait a bit longer for them to truly reveal their cards.

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When Sony bought some stock shares from Olympus, didn't they become partners - at some level? With Olympus helping Sony developing lenses or something?

Could that have played a role as of why Olympus didn't commit to the L-Alliance? 

I don't think they intend to be a Micro4/3 exclusive manufacturer - and I don't even know if they could sustain that - but I don't think Sony would be open for Olympus to develop their own E-mount camera, so the L-Alliance would be the better route and much better than developing their own system with a new mount.

Sigma is offering mount swap for their FF lenses, which is great for people that are already invested in it, plus, they will sell their lenses with an L-mount. Not only they will benefit from that but consumers will benefit even more.

The lack of fully articulated screen and PDAF are big question marks for Panasonic S cameras. The articulated screen might be due to the cables connection and the hinge of the articulated screen, but the lack of PDAF can't even be explained. Regardless of how invested they are in the DFD tech, I'm pretty sure they could manage to use PDAF, in the mean time since Dual Pixel showed up, all other manufacturers caught up to have better AF based on PD, Panasonic is the only odd one in the market.

Sure, they can eventually come up with a reliable AF tracking for video with the AI DFD but during the GH5 development announcement, they talked like the AF was just as good as any other but that didn't pan out, so it becomes harder to buy whatever Panasonic is saying about the new AF.

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