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  1. Actually I just discovered the 10/31/19 Sigma First shots post has some excellent info about the file sizes, using slim RAW etc. And the comments from that post are also helpful. But if you have even more suggestions...I'd like to learn more. I will try the 12 bit RAW, but frankly The 8 bit RAW might work just fine for the majority of what I'd shoot. I'm not sure I can manage the data, working with an ssd etc. We'll see. I do like cameras that are unique and aren't afraid to push boundaries. The Sigma FP is certainly all that and much more. I'm hopeful the summer firmware update makes it even
  2. Andrew, it may be a little off-topic...but if you have enough time on your hands during lockdown it might be worthwhile to create a Sigma FP guide like you did for the Panasonic cameras. I'm awaiting delivery of an FP, and I can already tell the learning curve on this camera will likely exceed anything else I've ever used. So far I've found very little info on specifics of set up, basic workflow with the cinema DNG files and best practices for using the camera in the field. (Apart from the 30 or so pages in the EOSHD forum re: grading FP RAW files, comparisons to BM RAW etc. that seemed to hi
  3. I agree the S1H 120fps doesn’t look right. Makes me want to see other samples. Almost looks out of focus in the watery areas. Andrew have you experienced issues with the S1H 120-1080?
  4. I’ve been curious as to why Panasonic equipped the S1/S1R with an XQD/CFexpress card slot when the S1H has dual SD card slots. Does Panasonic dare to offer 4K RAW recording to S1/S1R and leave the S1H with external raw recording? Does anyone understand Panasonic’s reasoning behind the high speed card slot for the lesser equipped cameras?
  5. If the new $2300 Canon R 50mm 1.2 struggles with AF in video, won't the new $2300 Panasonic 50mm 1.4 L-Mount struggle even more with AF on the S1? I really want to like the S1 but the AF video samples I've seen on the web seem to show inconsistent AF in video. Seems like DFD tech is still lagging compared to Full Frame cameras featuring sensors with phase detect AF. I recognize that using manual focus eliminates those issues, but reliable AF is still something I like to have as an option in fast moving situations. Have you tried the Voigtlander 50 1.2 on the S1? Preferred adapter?
  6. I'm glad to see you rediscover yourself Andrew and return to the ethos of EOSHD!
  7. My comment may be off topic, but it seems to me the Z6 with the Ninja V and the Apple ProRes Raw codec is the most intriguing hybrid Full Frame option for video. I’m looking forward to Andrew and other filmmakers trying this option and giving their feedback from use in the field. I’ve been hesitant to use an external recorder, but the option of having RAW files and a recording time limit constrained only by the size of your SSD and chosen codec seems pretty appealing.
  8. If you have not seen this Webrunner5...take a look at what Mark Smith did with a Sony a9 while shooting birds in Florida...
  9. I really wanted to like this camera... but there are so many other choices at lower price points with arguably as good or better overall features that I can’t justify buying one. It’s hard for me to envision anyone switching brands for this camera or adding one to their existing kit for an additional feature set. Even for die-hard Oly fans the EM1-mk2 seems like a much better value as a “Pro” camera and for casual use the EM-10mk3 can’t be beat. Not sure who will really buy the EM-1X for $3k. Seems like a real missed opportunity for Olympus to increase their market share.
  10. I think this statement is at the heart of what we’re seeing right now in the marketplace. Sony is NOT releasing a new camera every 6 months like they have in the past. The mirrorless marketplace has changed and in full frame it’s never been more competitive. ALL of the full frame mirrorless manufacturers are jockeying for position against each other AND in some cases internally within their own corporate structure. It’s near impossible to predict the future and how the full frame mirrorless video/still/hybrid camera landscape will look in the next year or two. Whether there is a new A7s lll so
  11. Probably true for most consumers, but all of these new camera releases seem to have so much hype surrounding them that it’s really hard to separate facts from hyperbole. Do I really need to know how well a new camera performs in Hawaii or Las Vegas under manufacturer controlled conditions? In addition to using exotic locales, professional models and hand-picked reviewers, manufacturer’s often bundle incentives for their new products to boost pre-orders. If I had watched just about any of these YouTube reviewers and pre-ordered an EOS R without knowing it had an unbelievable rolling shutter iss
  12. Good overview of Z7...I find it very tempting except for the price. I'm finding the Fuji X-T3 to be really good overall and it's tough to beat for its price point. (Z6 may change that of course) My real issue with all of these new cameras is that its very hard to know which system/cameras/lenses warrant a BIG investment. I think it's too early to tell. All of these cameras have their pros and cons with none of them yet emerging as a market leader. It's going to be a real shootout in the marketplace and it's hard to say which manufacturers and camera formats will survive and which will go the w
  13. If it’s a Sony sensor then why wasn’t the rumored Sony a7000 released BEFORE the XT-3 so as to upstage Fuji’s effort?
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