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GH5 for Photography?


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2 hours ago, mercer said:

Well, the truth of it is, I am most interested in the Panny’s for their IBIS, but the smart play would be the Sigma for stills and my 5D3 for video... Or some kind of cheap and small Canon so I can practice processing Raw stills to benefit both ML Raw video and photography. And then see what the FF Canon mirrorless offers as a hybrid sometime down the line.

But yeah the Sigma SD Quattro has some serious IQ. Have you looked at the Flickr page... holy cow... the colors and textures and shadows... why oh why won’t Sigma figure out a way to have video on one of their cameras... they should hire A1ex from Magic Lantern to figure out Raw Video with the Foveon sensor.

Well the reason is that the Foveon sensor takes so damn much processing power that is really impossible to have a video stream of all that data. Sigma in a sense has been doing computational computing for years when nobody had even heard about it,  and to make the Quattro sensor particularly to get it to work. Heck they can't even really make it do 1fps in Photo Raw Mode with any real dependability, a short 3 fps in JPEG and wait for half a minute, and shoot another short burst LoL. That is why the original Quattro body shape was so weird looking, It is basically a giant heat sink. They are a crazy strange camera, but once you have one you never feel the same about any other camera output wise. They have no Morie' and have micro contrast out the behind.

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5 hours ago, mercer said:

Nice samples BTW, I like the B&W in particular. Do you remember the lens you used? Maybe I can get by with a G85 as a hybrid then... then I’ll have 4K and IBIS. 

I went back and looked them up this evening, and I'm betting you will be surprised. 

The cactus like flower was shot with the Panasonic 25mm f/1.7. Its on sale at B&H right now for $150.

The Purple flower, red/pink flower, squirrel, and turtle where shot with the Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro.  This is one of my favorite lenses and is als0 on sale at B&H for $349.

The train is the one that will probably shock you. It was shot with the G7's kit zoom 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II. It's not even a very good shot, because if you look close you will see the highlights are blown out in some spots in the clouds. I was rushing to get the shot, and get back on the train before it left the station.

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Yeah I took this with my Panny G7 using the 14-45mm kit lens hand held. It is straight OOC.That is the very first kit lens Panasonic ever made and I think they are actually the best one they ever made.

For the money a Panny G7 is just too good to pass up. I know it doesn't have IBIS, but for less than 400 bucks at times what is really better. And it does 4K.


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6 hours ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

Have to take my LX100 out of the box.

You use Aperture to process the LX100 raw files, @BTM_Pix?

I have done but in this case they were all done in Lightroom for continuity as the DNG from the Sigmas isn't supported in Aperture.

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Hello, first post after few years reading you guys.


I have both gh5 and gx80 and use them regularly for video and stills. Gh5 is clearly superior in image quality not just resolution but color rendition, noise, detail, etc. Is an incredible piece of gear and it really feels solid and all the controls are in the right place. But gx80 keeps things smaller, lighter and anybody cares when you get it out, very usefull sometimes, is my everyday cam for pictures. I have quite a few pictures from both cameras in my instagram, maybe not the best platform to see image quality but I can upload any of them to 500px too. 

Here is the url https://www.instagram.com/carlos_lor/ in case you want to check it.

We also have a couple of g80s at the production company I work for, very comfortable camera too, good ergonomics and viewfinder, same image quality as the gx80.

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