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  1. Could be 1080p plus some crop on edit and sharpness.
  2. Having options is always a good thing, agree with that.
  3. A lot of shots in that video are not 4k but 720p upscaled with a sharp mask, i suppose because of framerates limits in 4k and 1080p, the whole grope inside the plane for example.
  4. Hello, first post after few years reading you guys. I have both gh5 and gx80 and use them regularly for video and stills. Gh5 is clearly superior in image quality not just resolution but color rendition, noise, detail, etc. Is an incredible piece of gear and it really feels solid and all the controls are in the right place. But gx80 keeps things smaller, lighter and anybody cares when you get it out, very usefull sometimes, is my everyday cam for pictures. I have quite a few pictures from both cameras in my instagram, maybe not the best platform to see image quality but I can uploa
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