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Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video

Andrew Reid

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The naming will follow dSLRs. 4 digits for laughable entry level ones, 3 digits for less laughable entry level, 2 digits for middle ones, and 1 digit for top spec-ed. This will cost around 1000, with an announcement price of maybe even more (1200$ are possible).

That has nothing to do with the new Nikon, we are still waiting for the full frame Canon that will go head to head against Nikon, Sony in the top segment.

The price will be great next Black Friday.

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

courtesy digicame-info

    More detailed spec of EOS M50

    - 24.1 Million Pixels APS - C CMOS
    - DIGIC 8
    - Dual pixel CMOS AF with greatly improved performance
    - AF area is enlarged by about 38% with corresponding lens (100% vertical × 88% wide of live view image display range)
    - Selectable AF points are corresponding lenses up to 143 points (99 points for non-compatible lenses)
    - pupil detection AF
    - Dual Sensing IS
    - Silent mode
    - DLO in camera
    - RAW development in camera
    - Video: 4K 25p / 24p, FHD 60p, HD 120p
    - Extract frames from 4K movies
    - 5-axis electronic image stabilization compensation · Combination IS
    - Standard ISO: 100-25600 (extended ISO: 51200)
    - Continuous: Up to 10 frames per second (at servo AF: up to 7.4 frames / sec)
    - EVF: 0.39 type 2.36 million dot Organic EL
    - Type 3 104,000 dpi Baliangle Touch Panel LCD
    - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC installed
    - Wireless remote controller BR-E1 compatible
    - HDMI HDR output compatible
    - Supports next-generation CR3 RAW format and new C-RAW compression format
    - The C - RAW format has a smaller file size than the conventional RAW by 40%, and it corresponds to in - camera RAW development and digital lens optimizer
    - Battery: LP - E 12
    - Size: 116.3 x 88.1 x 58.7 mm
    - Weight: 387 g black, 390 g white (including battery and memory card)
    - Color: Black · White
    - (Additional description) Dual sensing IS corrects camera shake using both information of the sensor on the body side and information on the lens gyro sensor, improves the effect of 0.5 steps when still
    - (Additional notes) New silent mode can shoot with no shutter sound at all
    - (Additional description) Improvement of the Auto Lighting Optimizer
    - (Additional description) Improvement of high brightness side gradation priority function
    - (Additional description) 4K / full HD time lapse function
    - (Additional description) Microphone terminal, stereo microphone DM-E1 compatible
    - (Additional description) Improvement of AF accuracy during moving object tracking using distance information between moving subject and background
    - (Additional description) 2 axis electronic level
    - (Additional description) Supports HDR output from HDMI when playing RAW images

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If the rumoured specs are exactly as said... It's not bad, and I may recommend this camera - but only to beginners that may want 4K in the future. Not good enough for my needs... Come on... 1080p at 35mbps? That's worse than the 6D2, rightfully so, because it's cheaper, but I can get better IQ from a used t2i. Plus, we don't know the crop of the 4K yet and whether it's UHD/DCI..... So all in all.... Is it still worth it?

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12 hours ago, Tim Sewell said:

You only have to go to a big box store to confirm this - around 3/4 of the TVs on display at my local Curry's (one of the main UK TV shops) are 1080P.

Not in North America. If you go to Best Buy, most TVs on display are 4K and at least 55". There are usually some smaller ones off in a corner that have lower resolution, but there are not many 1080p sets available in the sizes most popular with buyers.

Maybe things are different in Europe.

8 hours ago, Inazuma said:

"Frame cutout from 4K movie is possible"

The makes it sound like the default 4k has no crop??

I currently am camera-less and this is starting to sound like it ticks a lot of boxes for me. Size, ergos, IQ in video and stills. Just hoping for the 35mm f1.8 to be announced too. Also fingers crossed for $1000 or less. 

Not really. It is just a frame grab from 4K footage, at whatever sensor coverage that is.

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21 minutes ago, mercer said:

The t2i’s 1080p is 24mbps. 

Canon consumer/prosumer HD was 24 mbps (which was determined by the AVCHD spec), then it upped to 35 mbps around 2012 IIRC. It seems like they are using 35 mbps in most consumer products still (so far anyway), so it is probable that the M50 will use the same. It is not necessarily bad if the sensor is being oversampled though, for consumer type use it is sufficient for most purposes if you are shooting FHD. 35 mpbs is enough to eliminate most of the more obvious macroblocking in FHD output. The problem with Canon in the past mostly is that they did not oversample, so the FHD looked like 720p footage.

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9 minutes ago, mat33 said:

It is but I don't see how that would affect how efficient the codec compression is though? 

I figured that less information is being compressed.

But then I started thinking about the DJI PP4 vs Mavic Pro - same compression but the bigger sensor was still better.

Yeah, lets see.... 


32 minutes ago, mercer said:

The t2i’s 1080p is 24mbps. 

I read somewhere it was 45mbps....

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5 minutes ago, mkabi said:

I figured that less information is being compressed.

But then I started thinking about the DJI PP4 vs Mavic Pro - same compression but the bigger sensor was still better.

Yeah, lets see.... 


I read somewhere it was 45mbps....

I believe the original eos-m was at a higher bitrate but I’m pretty sure the t2i was still at that 24mbps. Either way, the specs match other cameras in that price bracket... the GX80 1080p is pretty low and the 4K bitrate is the same. I don’t think this camera will be industry leading or anything but at least it should be in the same ballpark as the competitors... with a bigger sensor and DPAF.

We’ll see. I had my hopes up for the M5 and was let down, so I don’t expect anything at this point. 

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The bad thing with Canon M line, except the silly small native lens line up, is that no one expects much from firmware updates. I frequent Eos M forums, and that is a constant disappointment among users. They expect this camera to be the most advanced M camera ever (and probably is) and will be an instant hit with Youtubers.

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That I think too. Also wouldn't know who'd pick up a Canon G1X Mark III with something like that around... guess someone who really wants something with a big sensor and small footprint. Personally, I find there are better options out there though.

Atleast with the M50 they're getting some things absolutely right for video/vlogger peepz: 4K, frontfacing vari-angle touchscreen (that's not blocked by an external microphone or tripod when mounted to one), dualpixel AF & microphone input. Still lacks sensor stabilization and probably some exposure/focus aids/overlays and more elaborate video specs. But atleast they're starting to get the basics right. Wonder about the price and what that 4K would actually look like... and/or how Canon decided to cripple it, I mean, it's Canon after all, they're the OG players in the segmentation game. Does say something about HDR output over HDMI... so... are they giving it an honest effort to close the gap with what the competition can do? Hum. We'll see. With any new camera release though... better not get your hopes up.

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HDR is for raw HDMI out. Don't think we are getting that for video lol. The 4k timelapse mode is another indication that this is targeted firmly at the vloggers and is a nice feature. What I like about canon is how easy there cameras are to use - they may be late to the party but when their products arrive you know they will work properly and do the job.  

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18 minutes ago, Yurolov said:

they may be late to the party but when their products arrive you know they will work properly and do the job.  

Point granted to team Canon on that one.  I like playing with our X-Pro2 we have in house, (takes lovely stills) but it can't really do the heavy lifting of a demanding video gig.  I'd actually rather shoot video for a job with a 5DII than the X-Pro2.

It's not the the Xpro2 wouldn't make a better image, because it does, but getting there is not reassuring.

In my experience, Olympus (only recently) and Panasonic are also solid video shooter hybrids too.  It's not really about squeaking out a little bit of extra IQ on many jobs/tasks I have, so I tend to fret about other stuff. 

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Hooo nooo, canon did it again..

They added features should be there 2 years ago, but removed others, when they will stop? What product managers and sales are doing? 

Added but should be there before:

Better AF (DPAF in low light is just hunting) should be great in the M5/M6 already,  why until now?

Pupil detection , why until now?

Silent shutter, why until now?

3 more frames per second(M5 and M6 are around 7) why I need more pictures per second if this camera is not for sports.? Canon Sales crapy team.

Removed others:

Removed dials from M5.why??

New raw file format, think this is great.


I own an M5, and this camera has not yet been released and already disapointed me.

Bought my M5 for stills and planned to upgrade within canon for video, but after waiting more than a year for news from canon for FHD 120 or 240 fps video, 4k 60fps , I think canon finally made a mistake.

Canon, listen.....protect as much as you want your high end camera segment, no more camera or lenses from you. M5 was the last one, for those crazy about canon colors supremacy, I do not care about their color science, I always readjust colors in PS., prior.


Fuji, Panasonic or Sony, you have a new customer....if you have FHD at 120fps or 4k60fps, in a less than 2k body.

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$5 says no DIS while recording 4k. And probably with a hefty crop.

Also the best they could do was 24p? If it's not even fast enough to do a full 30p (or 1080 120 fps), that doesn't bode well for the video quality. But maybe they'll put whatever magic they put in the 1DC and it will actually be good.

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