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  1. No worries, the M50 mark II will be 4k, 60fps with DPAF, in 3 years from now, for loyal canon users only
  2. Apologies for my ignorance but why canon is not releasing cameras at FHD 120fps? agree, but crappy stuff 4k 24 fps is tempting? GoPro is a dream then..:) M5 mark II?? well , waiting 3 years is something my short life can not afford.
  3. Hooo nooo, canon did it again.. They added features should be there 2 years ago, but removed others, when they will stop? What product managers and sales are doing? Added but should be there before: Better AF (DPAF in low light is just hunting) should be great in the M5/M6 already, why until now? Pupil detection , why until now? Silent shutter, why until now? 3 more frames per second(M5 and M6 are around 7) why I need more pictures per second if this camera is not for sports.? Canon Sales crapy team. Removed others: Removed dials from M5.why?? New raw file format, think this is great. ------------- I own an M5, and this camera has not yet been released and already disapointed me. Bought my M5 for stills and planned to upgrade within canon for video, but after waiting more than a year for news from canon for FHD 120 or 240 fps video, 4k 60fps , I think canon finally made a mistake. Canon, listen.....protect as much as you want your high end camera segment, no more camera or lenses from you. M5 was the last one, for those crazy about canon colors supremacy, I do not care about their color science, I always readjust colors in PS., prior. Fuji, Panasonic or Sony, you have a new customer....if you have FHD at 120fps or 4k60fps, in a less than 2k body.
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