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Key Light (Bowens Mount) Less Expensive Than Apurture?

Mark Romero 2

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I've just seen the adorama reviews for the 300, which pretty much seem good.

It's really really bright, It seems way brighter than the ilumi 120 and the a friends aputure 120dii, but I've only done very preliminary tests/tire kicking with the lights.

Can't speak to how it compares with a true 300d, but I can say it seems like one of the best options at the price and I'm happy with the purchase so far and look forward to using it and figuring out more about it

Definitely recommended 


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On 12/29/2019 at 11:32 PM, thebrothersthre3 said:

Just got the Godox 200w 

I used this as a guide to help me decide. Wasn't quite ready to shell out the dough for a nicefoto lamp(though you can get them for $530 if you buy on ebay from China). The Godox seemed to be the brightest of the bunch at $330(used on b&h). 


Too bad they left Forza out of the comparison, which looks like aputure closest competitor. They even got a 500W LED out already at 2K. So hopefully aputure will respond with a price below 1,5K.

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2 hours ago, heart0less said:

Gerald has just posted a review about Sokani X60.

To sum up: it's more powerful and feels sturdier than Godox SL-60W, though it's still quite noisy (unfortunately, he didn't include any loudness comparison) and can be powered only via AC.


This looked quite good on paper, but liked the look out of the 120D much better, not sure it is only a whitebalance thing. As even corrected I prefer the 120d, so could be CRI related as well. But the off temperature colors are quite shitty to work with though if you are mixing them up with other lights.  

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On 4/10/2020 at 1:32 AM, Mark Romero 2 said:

New Godox model that sounds promising. Supposed to be similar to the Apturure mdoels but cheaper by several hundred dollars.


There is a temperature difference between these though, the aputure looks more warm. Does the godox also have the tv/lighting/paparazzi modes the new aputure lights have?



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More new LED products from GODOX!

Godox UL150, an ultra silent 150W fixture.


Godox SL150II / SL200II, seems like an updated version of the original SL range.

By the way, has anyone any experience with the Walimex Pro Niova 200?
Not much to find on the net. Is this just an exact copy of the Godox SL200 and should I base my opinion on those reviews?

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SL mark II probably has a fan but you can turn it off (I'm assuming)...  a bit useless if you're trying to get max lux / dollar but any improvement is better than nothing. There's no way to run any of these COB chips without a fan unless you want a large heat sink which.

Why don't they just use a better fan, it would cost them less than $10/unit... My modded SL200 is practically silent (of course thermal performance sucks now).  I don't understand these light manufacturers at all... the fans would be so cheap at volume pricing.

I just ordered a Godox VL300 to check it out.  Waiting for that Aputure 600D to come out, but it will probably be stocked at the end of the year... I was torn between the Aputure 300D II, Forza 300/500.  Went back to Godox because I can probably mod the fan if it's too loud and I can live with the slightly worse quality of light as I'll probably get one main "good" light and use the rest to supplement.

I don't think Aputure is going to cut the price of 300D II.  Their Sidus system is pretty dope and the PSU system is really nice, plus the light quality is decent.  If I didn't need MOAR power I would have gotten 300D II over VL300, but since I'm planning on getting a bunch the $350 savings was more important.  The Forzas... I feel like Nanlite thinks their light quality is better, so they don't need to do anything else.  It is better, but the fan noise is stupid (at this budget and level), their +$250 for wifi control is ridiculous, and they can't be bothered to include a remote.  Even though Forza 300 and VL300 are the same price right now (Forza 25% off sale) I went with Godox because of fan noise and control, plus the reflector output on VL300 is around 2/3 stop brighter. 

Also, thank you @AlexTrinder96 for posting that Viltrox Weeylite, it actually looks really good for the price, it's like a bi color 120D II for half the price! They did post the light metrics too, looks pretty amazing, not sure if it's fudged. 

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