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“The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

Neumann Films

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So someone here hit the nail on the head - so the answer is in this thread somewhere. I'm still leaning on EVA sensor. Yes it seems a bit ridiculous for Panasonic to release a new GH5 iteration so soon and possibly for a crazy low price (if indeed it is S35 sensor) but the EVA sensor would probably be more cost effective than a new sensor when you consider R&D.  Maybe they also sold less EVAs than expected so coukd repurpose sensor maybe? - just a thought. The argument that they wouldn't do it because of their lenses is a weak argument when you consider they added anamorphic modes and don't currently make a single anamorphic lens. The EVA has an EF mount and yet Panasonic doesn't make a single EF mount lens. People have been asking for a JVC-inspired S35 M4/3 camera for a while now. EVA sensor even was designed woth a 4k/UHD M4/3 scan/crop.  I would not be upset at all despite recently purchasing a GH5.  Remember the initial hints we got: "something big," "middle path", "***** ****" (possibly asterisks standin for "super 35mm"). Middle path between GH5 and EVA could be this. Also, either Mitch Gross or Matt Frazer told me a while back when I asked about an EVA with M4/3 mount that I should just be patient (or something along those lines - forgive me for not quoting verbatim).

To the Orange Kiwi here who apparently knows all - I await your notorious "No" lol!

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22 hours ago, Oliver Daniel said:

The forehead is most in focus, which means, erm.....

....the tonal shifts seem deeper and smoother than regular GH5, but who knows, that could just be better grading. 

Dual ISO seems the most likely, with RAW a big stretch but fun to consider! 

I do think it’s a new camera AND a firmware upgrade, with the “new” camera probably receiving something a little extra, like the GH4R did. 

maybe he's hinting @ a 12bit 4:4:4 codec :scream:

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35 minutes ago, DBounce said:

@mercer If this is true, tell me how JVC is managing to sell the GY-LS300 for only $2,495? Clearly it can be done. But I suspect many here wish it to cost more. It blows my mind as to why this would be. Because it seems the people that want it to cost more are those without the pocket to purchase it at the $3k-4K mark. For myself beyond $4k other options may seem more interesting. But for those without the pocket, why the desire to have it be released for more than the speculated $2.5k? 

Regardless of what this puppy does. If DJI or whoever, puts out a refined OSMO like camera with similar or better performance I’ll be upgrading yet again. I think that form factor is where the future is.

Well the JVC is over two years old and it wasn’t released at $2500... it was a $4000 camera at release.

Bur yeah who wouldn’t want what you are proposing?

Unless the rumored pricing is incorrect, I just don’t see what you are hoping for to be likely. But maybe, that would be cool.

Who knows... maybe it will be the GH5C and the new lineup will be delineated as G9 = Stills, GH5 = Hybrid/Videography, and GH5C = Cinema.

But honestly, I think the most obvious clue is that all rumors and clues point to a GH5 moniker... So I wouldn’t expect too many differences... I would think full VLog and a more efficient codec for the high bitrate stuff... maybe even 10bit 48fps and probably better touch AF.

And I still think perhaps Dual ISO.

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5 minutes ago, Neumann Films said:

More clarification on that still frame.  It's a 35mm 2x Anamorphic lens wide open at T 1.9 and about 30 inches away from the subject. 

i Could not sAy aNything specific about Your pOsts, Until you sTop bEing so eLLusive. Until thiS, was LIterally sure I KnEw. now, noT so mucH. It iS getting annoying. :) @Neumann Films

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23 hours ago, Neumann Films said:

This is the .tif I was going to upload but in .jpg :)


Crazy Grade.jpg


Righty.... can some mathematical genius help to work this out? 

1. The forehead is the subject in focus here ("hit the nail on the head?")

2. The shoulders (there's two of them, "two clues") are obviously out of focus, in perspective they seem to look quite distance away from the face than you'd normally perceive. So how much distance is there normally between your forehead and your shoulders? 

3. The 35mm lens is a PL mount, at T1.9 and 30 inches away from the subject. So working out the focal distance of an M43 and S35 sensor based on this info, the numbers provided and the field of view in the image would tell us, what sensor size this is. 


Another fun guess: Improved low light clues, and now sensor size clues? Are we looking at the EVA1 type sensor, with Dual ISO and an m43 mount? Seems too good to be true..... but then again, anything does. 

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17 minutes ago, Neumann Films said:

Unfortunately no, ha!  I mean I could but I definitely should not. I fear that I'm on thinning ice with a certain company lately.

I think the info about the lens should provide or...disprove some of the theories being thrown around.  :)

Well the lens a Zeiss Master Anamorhic 35 is designed for S35 sensors. So if info about the lens can prove something, it would stand to reason that the sensor is S35. That would be outstanding.

9 minutes ago, mercer said:

Would a 35mm anamorphic be too wide for coverage on a S35mm sensor?

The lens is designed to work with S35 cameras.

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Just now, DBounce said:

Well the lens a Zeiss Master Anamorhic 35 is designed for S35 sensors. So if info about the lens can prove something, it would stand to reason that the sensor is S35. That would be outstanding.

Well, I think Luke has provided all the info required for someone to work this out now (see my post above). 

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This is obviously not a 35mm anamorphic lens, but is a 35mm lens, shot in the same ALL-I anamorphic mode as Luke's stuff. The horizontal fov will obviously be different, but the vertical should be the same. Shot 30 inches from the subject on GH5.

His head is probably bigger. But if Luke's camera had an s35 sensor in it, wouldn't his vertical fov be noticeably greater than mine?


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From the image I think it's H265, because of occasional horizontal small lines. H265 appears to use a vertical and horizontal hash compression method that can be seen when doing some extreme grading.

The difficulty I have with the sensor being (much) larger is that the IBIS would need to be changed too. And the bigger the sensor the less compensation it provides. Perhaps a Multi aspect sensor, like the GH2?

I suck at doing fov calculations, but can someone please calculate the fov on a M43 and what this picture actually has?

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