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  1. Looks like you've got the bigger Isco ultrastar. That is all Anamorphot, no taking lens there.
  2. in 10 bit yes Super35 crop... couldnt figure out if it was the same for 8 bit
  3. Looking at the specs the pocket 6k is only 6mm wider than the GH5s sensor, and it almost has the same height.
  4. Image looks very much like the compact isco ultrastars
  5. I have the GH4 and GH5S, they both capture 3328x2496 pixels in the 4:3 mode. If I crop the 4K 16:9 file(3840x2160pixels) to a 4:3 ratio I end up with 2880x2160.
  6. But if you use the GH5/5S you do lose resolution if you shoot 16:9 and crop in post, also the 4:3 anamorphic modes on the GH4/5/5S have a taller pixelheight than the 16:9 mode
  7. remember right now the current alpha series cameras still don't output 10bit throught the HDMI only 8bit.. but that may change in the future if they decide not to pull a "canon"(by protecting their cinemaline)
  8. @wildrym Aaah I see... No you're right, that's why it's called V-Log L, L stands for light. I read on PV some rumors that the Varicam people weren't too happy about giving a consumercamera the full flegded V-log, so now we're stuck with a half assed Log profile. I'm hoping the Hybrid Log Gamma update coming in the summer will be better optimized , eliminating the need for V-log L.
  9. I don't think V-log records less "shades" than the other profiles, probably more like that everything(what the sensor is able to capture) is being compressed between 20 and 80IRE
  10. It clips at 80 in the GH4 an I remember highlights also being clipped at 80 in V-Log in the DVX200, so I guess it will be similar for the GH5
  11. Log footage has compressed colorspace where the information is still intact from what I understand , s-curve is baked in
  12. panasonic came with a uhd premium certified flatscreen tv earlier this year, looking at the specs needed for the certification 10 bit color up to 12 bit, wide color gamut rec2020, HDR etc.. and with the rumored early 2017 release, a GH5 with10 bit 422 internal seems more plausible. I think Panasonic wants to sell these tv screens more than they want to protect their high end cine line imo.
  13. On my Rectimascop it's the backglass you can rotate, for me it took a nudge. You don't have to unscrew the backlens, just loosen the screws and give the backlens a nudge clockwise or counterclockwise. And fasten the screws when you get a sharp image via Vladimir's method
  14. I think this is your problem, had the same issue when I first received my Rectimascop. Now i can shoot wide open and still get sharp images, after getting it alligned
  15. I don't know how much Panasonic charges for a EVF replacement, but i've used a little bit of liquid car polish&wax to rid of my scratches.
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