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DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic

Dave Maze

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If using drones is part of the vocabulary of cinema these days, it's damn close to becomming a tired catch phrase.

Be careful how you use it. Cliches' can cheapen one's efforts pretty quickly. 

With that said, I'd worry less about what you're shooting with and more about if you can narratively justify the shot to begin with. 

I had my romance with aerials. It's seductive, but it's not enough to build a healthy narrative relationship. 

More like a fun make out session. 

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Wow. This is a killer.   

It is legit :-) Here are other links with interesting and useful info on topic: http://www.shainblumphoto.com/2016/09/30/dji-mavic-vs-phantom-4-dng/ http://visual-aerials.com/mavicpro.h

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9 hours ago, DBounce said:

Oh dear, the karma:


before i saw this video i was still of the opinion that karma still have certain advantage like using the GoPro cam itself on and off the drone/stabiliser.....then i saw this ...i truly worry for them.... 

two things hit em the hardest, A) the drone is all over the place, B) i didnt realise the karma drone is so heavy.

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So, after seeing that video it's an easy decision for me...The "camera IQ pixel peeping" thing has no point when "one" of the compared devices doesn't work as advertised. GoPro will probably adress some of these bugs through firmware updates but you can't turn a potato into a strawberry with software quirks... The bad thing though, that makes me kinda sad, is that there is still no company that can compete with DJI. Monopoly is never a "good" thing. When software updates will get messy in many ways (as it happened many many times before with Phantoms), which company will give us an alternative?

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Indeed. It is not the first time this has been noticed.

Because of manual focus? Lens design flaw/issue (remember that's not rare or it is even common to occur with anamorphic lenses, mostly affordable ones) or QC case to comprehend only a part of the production as same as seems to have occurred with Nokia Lumix 1020?

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From new buyers with their fresh videos (the first ones, as for instance, plainly shows where the footage can shine and where not mainly because of a limited codec with such low bitrate : )









Two clips with Bloom's settings:



I find it even funny when people complain about sharpness. With this last one, for example, I am using a laptop display 1366 pixels wide. I need to go from 1080p file to 720p file if I want avoid aliasing.

To those who haven't seen yet the Cinema5D review, still from Lisbon DJI event:



And the next ones to those who have wondered about its narrative use.


Tagged as Mavic Pro aerial footage:





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I just hope that DJI will upgrade their cameras/sensor in Mavic/Phantom. 

There is no way to upgrade camera on Mavic so (according my opinion) its camera should be better than 2 years old GoPro 4 sensor with just 60Mbps.

I do not understand why DJI can still use quite old technology if sensors in smartphones are still better and better every year (and they can handle higher bitrate than 60Mbps). I just wish that there will be Phantom or bigger Mavic one day with similar technology which can be seen in Sony FDR X3000: 4K with 100Mbps + just 8Mpx sensor with "big" pixels + OIS (we can see little shakiness sometimes on Mavic's footage, so why there cannot be OIS if it is in smartphones (?)).

These specs together with 1,5x or 2x zoom lens.... that would be my dream drone. Mavic is really great but I will rather wait ;-)

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