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Nikon DL


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Looks OK. I hope the Dual Detect Optical VR works in 4K mode. B&H specs say the 24-85 has a built in ND but I'm sure I read on DPR that the 24-85 doesn't have a built in ND. Has a 40.5mm front thread. 

Be nice if it has the Nikon Flat profile too.

Looks like the sort of camera I'd buy at fist glance :) 



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Nikon state 45 min battery life when recording video on the smaller DLs. Better carry some spares :)

They shoot 30p and 25p.


No mention of 24p, which is odd.

DL24-85 has built in ND filter.

Not sure about the ultra wide 18-50?

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Canon reacting in any major way?
Not likely imo, for fun I just checked current sales here.

Their 5Dmkiii is only $300 dollars cheaper than the 4 YEARS younger A7sii.
Its $1000 more expensive than the NX1 + 16-50 S Combo.

But still outselling both of them.
If I was a major shareholder in Canon I would say, don't do anything. Just wait until its really needed.

It would be cool, but I doubt they will do anything revolutionary. Some C-Log in rebels or 5Div would be lovely though.

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