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  1. Pretty sad. Used Nikon all my life. Worse things could happen than Samsung buying them out. That might be interesting.
  2. That screen does look very big. Can't tell if it's a tilting screen or not. I really hope it is titling like a D750 and not fully articulated like the D5000 series. I hate fully articulated screens !!!
  3. Dont agree with this at all. Find the ergonomics of the Fuji excellent. Not as good as a NX1, but certainly better than any Nikon, Sony or Panasonic I have used. Much prefer the ergonomics of the X-T2 to G85 or GH3 or GH4 ... never used a GH5 though. BTW ... I despise swivelling screen so just a matter of taste I guess. Thank god Fuji do not do a swivelling screen Really looking forward to this camera. IBIS, top plate LCD and internal F-Log. All the things I thought were missing from the X-T2 will be delivered Should be a nice hybrid cam.
  4. Dean

    NX1 / NX500

    Glad you are contemplating getting this camera. It really is a nice cam for video. I'm no pro and used it mainly for street video shooting but I loved it. Had two of them at different times and still miss it ... especially it's ergonomics. Not sure why I sold it really as I can honestly say I enjoyed using it for video more than any other camera I have ever owned. Can't find a single one for sale in the used market in Hong Kong now. They just never come up. Have an X-T2 now though and enjoying that for video but the NX1 was more usable IMO. I still might buy another NX1 and 16-50S at some poin
  5. If you want to buy second hand in HK join and use this website. You'll need Google translate but it's an excellent way to buy used in HK. I use it all the time. Tee up a trade and meet the seller at a metro station. You should be able to get a used ARii around 2K USD. Not sure where you have seen a new A7Rii in HK for $1800. http://www.dcfever.com/trading/search.php You could also check "Sim City" out in Mong Kok ... loads small shops with second hand & new stuff at very good prices. It's a great fun place to look around as well. https://en.tripadvisor.com.hk/Attraction_Revi
  6. They constantly miss opportunities all the time by being conservative. D500 is a classic example and was maybe 4 years late ... people were literally begging Nikon for a D300/s replacement for years and Nikon never delivered. By the time the D500 was announced many were set up in another system. People who didn't even shoot DX felt sorry for the D300 shooters !! Same with many of their lenses. Arrogant & ignorant company. The last time I remember Nikon being on fire was when the D800/e came out. After that ... nothing. The D820 & D760 better have everything they can pos
  7. Very sad/disappointing and kind of serves themselves right for being so ... well ... Japanese in their conservatism and indecisiveness. They need a big shake up ... a western CEO and new blood.
  8. Looks like the X-T2 could be the replacement for many NX1 users when then time is right for them to retire their NX1 NX1 users are very loyal and maybe a little fanatical (just a little LOL) so I think they will naturally gravitate to Fuji to find a home instead of Canikon or Sony. I'm different to most here in that I'm not professional and just do this for fun and 99% handheld video on the streets, but my options are getting less and less with every camera that's released. I simply hate fully articulating screens and it seems every camera that comes out these days has one !! Until I go
  9. I don't think the X-T2 would give you anything over the NX1 for video. Maybe better OOC colours but that's debatable. Fuji has a much more complete set of lenses which will continue to grow as well ... unlike the NX1. As mentioned, I never liked the stills it produced though ... found them very flat and bland. Much prefer what I see from Fuji. NX1 was definitely ahead of it's time. Would have been interesting to see where they would have gone next if they hadn't pulled the pin.
  10. I can't answer that as I don't have the X-T2. I'm having a hard time deciding which camera to get The NX1 & 16-50S was outstanding I thought though for video. Never liked the stills it produced though.
  11. I wonder if F-LOG will ever be available internal?
  12. Thanks !! I've left the shop now but will try again soon. Salespeople are always wrong !!
  13. Hey Jon. Yes, three of them tried. The focus point is indeed there but as soon as u switch the dial to movie it dissapears. Went into the AF setting and and set the AF point to show but still not there. They said there is no focus point once u are in movie mode but I doubt thats thats case. Thank you for trying.
  14. Just spent 10 mins in a shop with this cam in movie mode and i can not make the focus point appear. Tried lots of different settings. I'd like to at least see the focus point and move it to where i want it on the screen with the joystick and aquire focus before I press record. Lools like in movie mode there is no focus point in the screen at all whther the dial is turned to AF-C or AF-S. Is that correct? Cheers.
  15. Thanks @jonpais & @Trek of Joy Looks like AF-S works a bit differently than on a Pana. I just hope it doesn't default to AF-C after recording after I've set the initial focus with AF-S. The joystick in AF-C might be good sometimes. I'd always use MF if given he time. Fuji will probably keep looking after this camera with FW updates which is comforting. Maybe internal F-LOG one day
  16. Thanks Jon. I hav a monopod but never use it ... any sort of support for a cam during street video ruins all the fun for me. Sometimes we go to one of the islands here or to the countryside and I'll bring a tripod & fluid head but not on the streets. I was really surprised just how stable the 18-55 was. Going by what I saw on the screen it looked more stable than using my NX1 with the 16-50 with OIS in conjunction with the electronic stabilisation. Thats good to know I can use AF-S in MF via the AF-L button. Can I use just AF-S and not MF if I want to? Can I focus on somethi
  17. Hello. Does anyone know if you can use AF-S in video on this camera? Even just to get the initial focus? I couldn't seem to be able to do it in the couple I have played around in shops but I didn't change any settings. Would be nice if you could still use AF-S while recording but I doubt it ... only Panasonic seem to be able to do that. Also, has anyone used the used the 18-55 OiS with this cam for video? I'd like to know what the stabilisation is like and if there are any examples out there. I've found a few examples but nothing great. It seemed very good in the couple I tried in th
  18. Ok, thanks. If you do get a chance to compare the look of a Nikkor to a Pana lens on a G85 it would be much appreciated Cheers.
  19. ... And funnily enough, the only time I have ever seen an organic/flimic look from any of the camera/lens combos I've owned was from a Panasonic 14-45 !! And that was because I was using it on my BMPCC
  20. I'm not doubting some vintage lenses have a different look when used with modern cameras, however when I used my MF Nikkors on my Samsung NX1, I could not really see any difference compared to using native "S" lenses. Sharpness, colour and contrast were all of a very comparable level. The lenses I used were 28/2 Ai-S, 50/1.2 Ai-S, 105/2.5 Ai-S and 180/2.8 Ai-S ... all of which are incredible optics. I've been shooting MF Nikkor glass (photographically) since the release the D700 until now and I can not seee any real difference most of the time between these lenses and the modern Nikon len
  21. You are doing well expressing yourself considering English is not your first language !! It must be difficult. I had the NX1 for a fair while and now have the GX85 & G85. I think keep your NX1 and get a GX85 as well. The GX85 will be a lighter (and very capable) alternative. Maybe get a 15/1.7 for the GX85 and use it those times you don't want carry the NX1 and heavy "S" lenses around. Cheers. Edit: Just realised you sold everything Maybe get a G85 and 12-35 !!
  22. I can only get a max of 6X ... u sure you are getting 10X?
  23. Brilliant. Great read. This thing has a mind-boggling amount of features !!
  24. I guess you still can't have the screen and EVF in "Sunny" mode when filming 4k can you? I doubt the 6500 has fixed this. Hard to film what you can't see on sunny days. I sold my A7Rii because of this. I'd be interested to see their A7Riii and if they have this overheating issue fixed once and for all.
  25. That's crazy pricing !! I paid $3,800 HKD for it which is which is 460Euro. Why don't you just buy it from B&H ... $500 USD. Luckily SLR Magic is a HK company. The lady from SLR Magic met me at the metro station near their office and sold it to me I must confess though, for street stuff, I reckon I'd mis a lot of shots with this lens because it's manual focus. Usually I just have the cam in AF-S, aim, acquire focus, press record then turn the ND or adjust ISO to get correct exposure and I'm off. Manual focusing is hard on the street. For controlled shooting no worries.
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