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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y5mybob4z04kbnm/AABIV6WJncenPALOmvQiV45Ra?dl=0 10 Samsung NX1 files I shot from today. These are converted to a LOG style with the EOSHD LOG conversion LUT from H265 to ProRes 422 via EditReady following all of Andrew's in-cam settings and conversion process. Each clip around 3-5 seconds. DropBox folder link is 3.13GB !! 2160p. 24fps. Samsung 16-50/2-28 & SLR Magic Variable ND ii ... all hand held with IS and DIS turned on. Default Gamma DR settings (green set at 95) with sharpening set at -10. MBL = 0, 16-235. I'd love to see how other people can grade these clips
  2. Thanks. Yeah, I reckon the Ai-S lenses give a nice look to the NX1 ... sharp but not too sharp. As you say less distractingly sharp. I was hoping they would look OK as I have a nice little collection already I think half the fun I'm having with this camera is because of the EOSHD Log LUT. It's good fun starting with a flat image and seeing what can be done. It seems to take well to FilmConvert, OSIRIS & Impulz..
  3. Cool !! Nice work. What is a V-log curve? A curve to grade Panasonic V-log?
  4. Looks great. Music is very fitting as well. What FC profile did you use? I'm guessing one of the RedGammas?
  5. Used my MF Nikkors for the first time and am really happy with them. Also used the Vizelex ND Throttle Adapter and happy with that too !! EOSHD LOG conversion LUT. OSIRIS Vision X LUT from VisionColor. Nikon 24/2.8 Ai-S, Nikon 35/2 Ai-S, Nikon 50/1.4 Ai-S, Nikon 105/2.5 Ai-S. Default Gamma DR settings with sharpening set at -10. MBL = 0, 16-235.
  6. From reading the NX1 thread on Personal View, it seems Vitali really likes the NX1 ... maybe he might be interested. He doesn't seem like the sort of person who would just do it for the money though. He would only do it if he wanted to do it ... if you get what I mean. Would be interesting to just hear his thoughts on the matter in any case.
  7. Just out of interest, what would be the most important thing you guys would like to see a programmer change or add to the NX1? Increased bitrate as mentioned previously?
  8. Yeah, I would have thought these guys would be the ones to do it but not much talk of hacking the NX1 over there it seems.
  9. +1 ... count me in as well with a donation. I'd love to see what some talented people could do with this cam.
  10. I rarely run across moire with this camera ... one of the features I really like about it. Compared to my old A7ii which went out of it's way to find moire and if none was found created it out of thin air !!
  11. Tried the Impulz Cineon to Fuji FPE (D65) LUT with the EOSHD LOG conversion LUT. With the two Samsung S Lenses. Used Filmconvert for some grain and changed the setting to 35mm Academy and also gave each scene some blur. Going to try out my Nikon MF lenses next week after getting the ND throttle.
  12. And there's no way you wok for Brorsoft is there. LOL
  13. Interesting thread. Be nice to have some custom made LUT's for the NX1. I don't think FilmConvert will ever make a profile for the NX1 now. @ kidzrevil ... as someone mentioned, the Alexa 709 profile works well but so do the Red Epic X profiles with RedGamma if you shot flat. However, like yourself, I'm really enjoying experimenting with the Impulz LUTs as well. Finding that the Cineon to Kodak & Fuji work nice over the EOSHD LOG conversion LUT I like the Noritch DELUT a lot too.
  14. Very nice Casey. I ordered one as well. I'll use it with my Nikon MF lenses. I have been using the X3 three stop filter from Breakthrough Technology and it's the best ND I have ever used. The Vizelex probably won't be as good, but it's convenient and from the reviews I've read and the people on the thread it seems to get the job done without too much issue.
  15. Intersting. The consensus has usually been to leave contrast where it is or the colours get all Sony-like
  16. @ kidzrevil ... I think the 16-50S is a fine lens and if you were only going to have one Samsung AF lens ... this would be it. It pretty superb in every way. As mentioned, I think it's perfect for run & gun street type stuff. AF is usually excellent and the VR is very good as well .. especially with DIS on. The manual focus isn't as nice as an AI-S lens but it's dampened nicely. Feels a million times better than Nikons range of 1.8 primes.
  17. Thanks. Yes, lots of adjustment. Actually, I've been experimenting with Premiere & DaVinci over the last few months but went back to FCPX just because it's so FAST and easy to use on my iMac. Was never really happy with the colour correction tools on FCPX though but I found this awesome & easy to use plugin called "Color Precision" which has nice sliders like LightRoom and Premiere. I'll just stay with FCPX now. But yeah, I lifted the shadows on a lot of the clips and did all sorts of other stuff. Can't even remember what I did. LOL I might be totally wrong, but with the Noritch DELUT, I noticed that it needs plenty of light to look good ... like overexposure by about a 1/2 - 1 full stop would be good. Has anyone else found this? With darker scenes it doesn't look too good. Na, didn't really notice anything but then again I'm not really looking that hard either. I understand that you and a lot of other people here are professionals and you need to be super critical of gear because it's your job, but I'm just doing this for fun on the weekends so I really don't care too much if it has certain issues unless they are big huge issues but the NX1 does't seem to have such issues. I'm more interested in trying to get some decent footage and tell some kind of a story ... practice editing & grading as well. If you like, I can DropBox you all the RAW footage I shot on the weekend. I'll have to cull it as when converted to ProRes422 it was 11GB or so. Give us a shout of you want it. And BTW, I do appreciate very much the critical testing of the cam you and other on this forum do ... awesome work !!! Actually, the only thing I notice about this camera using Gamma DR with everything @ default except sharpness set @ -10 (MBL = 0, 16-235) is that the whites are just TOO white occasionally ... not all the time but sometimes. I don't know how to explain this, but they look artificial sometimes. They're not blown out ... they just look too white if that makes any sense. Loving this cam for street video shooting. With the 16-50S attached I just leave it in S mode 1/50 with auto ISO and 3 stop X3 ND filter, place the focus point where I want it, hit the shutter button to gain focus, flick the AF back to manual on the lens, lock the exposure (assigned to the AF button) and hit record ... all in a couple of seconds. Also love the fact that it has an "EVF" button so I can choose whether I'm going to use the EVF or LCD before I shoot. I often use the touch screen focus as well to refocus if using the LCD ... works well. I had the A7Rii and the thing just pissed me off no end. Nikon for stills & NX1 for video for the time being. This morning I received my Fotasy NX to Nikon adapters so will look forward to testing all my Nikon lenses out as well. They seems to fit really nicely and are no where near as expensive as the Novoflex ones. I have a fair few Nikon AF lenses as well as 10 or so Ai-S MF lenses. My Varavon 815 Fluid head arrived as well. Just need a decent tripod next ... thinking to get a Feisol CT-3442 with the levelling base and a centre column ... seems like a nice all-round tripod for video & stills.
  18. Learning a lot about the NX1 from this thread. Must be the best resource for this cam on the internet. Tried to make my footage a bit more filmy today. Used the EOSHD Log Conversion LUT with a DELUT (Norwich) over the top. NX1 & 16-50/2-2.8.
  19. Thanks. Looks like a very good idea. I wonder what the quality of the ND filter is like?
  20. Just some footage from our day out last week with friends on Lamma Island. 30 min ferry ride from Central and it's like you are a million miles away from this hectic concrete jungle Samsung NX1. 16-50 f/2-2.8S, 50-150 f/2.8 S. Hand Held. Default Gamma DR settings with sharpening set at -10. MBL = 0, 16-235. Film Convert (Arri Alexa Rec 709 - Astia 100). FCPX
  21. Sure, you could put a 5" monitor onto of the camera but it then looses it's stealth quality. Not a solution. Seems ridiculous that the screen and EVF darken when hitting the record button. Makes all Sony cameras totally unusable for me ... I simply can not see anything on the LCD in bright light.. Must have something to do with overheating I guess. I hope this is fixed in the next round of A7 cameras. Doesn't happen in other 4k internal shooting cameras ... only Sony have this problem.
  22. Yeah, the resolution of this cam makes for quite nice frame grabs. As far as latitude goes, I guess you could do more with a flatter image but FilmConvert over the top of it and tweaked a little seems to give some good looks. I like the Astia and Provia presets with the Arri Alexa Rec709 profile. The Red / Epic X / Redgamma profiles seems to work Ok as well but you need to dial down the film colour. I'm just a hobbyist that enjoys learning video but I reckon this camera is not really designed for heavy grading. It seems to be at it's best looking natural or with just a light grade.
  23. Agree ... I'm not sure why this doesn't piss more people off. I actually sold my A7Rii and my RX100IV because of this. Just can't see what your doing when trying to film outdoors esp when bright. Even the EVF dims in 4k. 1080p doesn't dim ... at least not on the A7Rii.
  24. I am not sure Marco. Maybe lower the film colour slider. I don't think FilmConvert is a case of just whack it over the top and it always works. I to needed further editing to get the look I wanted. Cheers.
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