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Petition for Samsung NX1 hack

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Minor update, still doing what Im doing, still digging and documenting what changes Im finding in the firmware, have started to explore with telnet and the camera. Its looking good. Have a few ideas o

Hallo NX World, the NX Booster it's coming soon! This is the Prototype Mark II.  Marco do not worry, if I do not post my progress, is because I have a lot of work in my private life. Next week I

Here is a quick video showing the NX1 and NX500 SD Card Hack for Focus Buttons. This program allows you to record up to 6 focal points, these are stored on the SD card and will work after a camer

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7 hours ago, Marco Tecno said:

If an adapter with real af is provided for canon lenses on nx body (ala metabones) I won't feel the need of a system upgrade for...many years to come.

Me too. An EF to NX adapter with AF is a game changer for the NX1.  I was about to pre-order a Sony a6500 with an EF adapter when I saw Luca's video.  Now I'm holding off to give Luca's adapter a shot when it's ready.

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Luca: Don't tease us man, are you declaring victory, progress, or extremely early prototyping code that's been tested with only a handful of lenses?  In my own case I managed to get electronic control of the aperture on a Canon lens today, the 40mm.  IS.... seems to want to run all the time the camera is receiving commands on my lenses (e.g. 28-135) that have it, even when the switch is off on the lens.  Probably the lens passes the switch state to the camera but the camera makes the ultimate decision, is my guess so far.  Progress has been slower than I hoped in part because i was too cheap to buy the logic analyzer.. hard to debug early stages here.  My colleague is working on getting the nano to act as a logic analyzer, probably going to be faster than waiting for one to ship from China.  Anyway, give us the gritty details!  On a side note, this video is super cool:


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