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    NX2 rumors

    If this turns out to be true, I'll pre-order one!
  2. I agree. Everyone applauds Canon for their colors, but my NX1's colors look way more natural and pleasant than my Canon 80D's colors.
  3. The gimbal I used in the hallway shot is the Beholder DS-1. It's quick to balance. I used the Samsung 30mm f2.0 at 2.0 for that shot. Autofocus was on tracking, and face tracking. It locks fast, and holds. Inside the classroom, I used a tripod dolly and 12 feet of track I picked up on ebay for about $200. I used the 50-150 S lens at about 85mm and f.2.8. It produces a nice shallow depth of field. I was getting good colors with the Auto White Balance, so I used that.
  4. LOL!! All the guys on my crew and I were saying the exact same thing! LOL! It's like the planet of the hot background extras.
  5. Here's scenes from a feature I'm shooting on the NX1. All using the tracking autofocus. I hope this camera lasts a LONG time, because even after all these years, its footage and capabilities are gorgeous and unmatched. https://vimeo.com/225352203
  6. Me too. An EF to NX adapter with AF is a game changer for the NX1. I was about to pre-order a Sony a6500 with an EF adapter when I saw Luca's video. Now I'm holding off to give Luca's adapter a shot when it's ready.
  7. Hi Luca... how long do you think it'll be before you have an adapter that works with autofocus?
  8. Lucabutera. If you get a "smart" adapter to work on the NX1, put me down for an order. That's genius!
  9. I just tested my NX1 using GammaDR, and sharpening at -5. I shot in UHD, downscaled in Premiere Pro to 1080, and rendered out to a DVD. The sharpening looks horrible, and very “video”-ish. The in-camera sharpening is using a contrast-type of sharpening that produces artifacts in a radius around high-contrast objects. You can confirm this increased contrast on a lumetri-scope. On the other hand, setting sharpening at -10 produces beautiful results (without any post-sharpening), and none of the artifacts.
  10. Just a heads up to everyone - Samsung posted a new firmware update for the NX1. It's v. 1.41. So dust off your i-Launcher
  11. The NX1 has a 14-bit sensor, so the hardware has the bit-depth capability. It would probably have to be set up to be output through the HDMI stream (along with the 4:2:2 sampling).
  12. Bitrate isn't going to eliminate the banding. Banding is the result of only having 256 colors per channel on account of the 8-bit color space. A 10-bit color space gives us 1024 colors per channel - that smooths the gradient, and gives you a smooth transition between shades of color (eg., going from lite blue to deep blue in a sky).
  13. Count me in for $$$ if someone can get the NX1 to output 10 bit per channel colors. Increasing the bitrate won't eliminate the banding (we'll still be limited to 256 colors per channel); we need 10-bit color space to smooth out the gradient.
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