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  1. Are you Experienced? The Kevin Conder Product Review Experience presents: A tale of two Benro tripods
  2. it's ok now. feel free to look around on the product review channel. I'll have a Benro tripod comparison soon and after that, a look at gear storage and our constant struggle with bags and where to put all of our filmmaking stuff. Please subscribe so you don't miss anything.
  3. The 50-150 lens is a tremendous lens that does everything well. I find that sharpness to be more of a lighting thing than anything. I hate the lens hood though, that's really minor, it's one of those big ugly ones that make it look like a bazooka. If you want to go the other way, I have the Samyang t1.5 85m cine lens and it's a really good portrait lens. everything manual so buy the canon with a kiwi adapter. You can't do better at that price point.
  4. I'm back. And I'm grumpier than ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqbwEKBvcmc
  5. This was done with vasille's hack. Bitrate was 120. It took a pretty substantial grade, was able to push it pretty well, although the shadows have a tendency to go really black. master black 0. luminance 0-255. Includes live sound (plus a little music) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSz8HvKhDnQ
  6. Finally got this. My review just in: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDxx6qnqk7s6x0_icNE40gg
  7. kino, I saw in the latest there was something about remote controller but no explanation. Is this like Samsung camera manager or some kind of improvement for remote control? I use the manager all the time, but it is very lacking. If it was faster, and had more features this would be a big deal thank you
  8. besides that guys, did you notice the release, first half of 2017- That probably means summer before widely available. And to know what it really can do, in the hands of users for at least a few weeks, probably longer. For starters will it take photos as well as the nx1, with that sensor, doubt it. So we might be looking at a Year. Not even thinking about selling. I'll need a really good reason.
  9. I'm a first generation american in fact. Both parents english. Woke up to tea, for gods sake.
  10. Hello, my friends. Check out my review of this light. The Aputure Amaran AL-M9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3efWnuNk_nk&feature=youtu.be
  11. dude, can you fix the prices. It costs more to get the adapter later. It should be the other way around maybe?
  12. we figured out you have to have studio version for h265 support. Same on Linux and windows. I have studio version of 12.5.1 on windows 10.
  13. I'm on win 10. They have added some Linux support, but I can't test. To play the video files h265, they will play in resolve but you may have to use some caching to get them to run without stuttering. IN windows just to play them to check the h265 clips, use media player classic from the klite codec pack.
  14. It now works, even imports the aac audio. Finally I can just drop my nx 1 h265 in the timeline. I can now more or less leave premiere. I'm so happy I may pee myself. You will need to use smart cache to avoid stuttering.
  15. About the NR jump. Yes. It happens to everyone from 1600iso to 3200, it's weird, it's a bug or just the way they handle it with the hardware of software. There's no way around it. It's a limitation
  16. Honestly if you're a still shooter Samsung NX system is the wrong choice... I think the nx1 is an astoundingly good stills camera with good lens. I shoot everything raw. The detail and the gradeability always amaze me.
  17. H265 from nx1/nx500 can take a pretty substantial color grade. Not as much as raw from my bmcc, but a good deal more than most codecs, I grade straight with h265 in both resolve and premeire, although you can transcode to h264 or whatever before if you choose. It can be a very cinematic look if you know what you're doing. Never hurts to light a scene in a cinematic way or to use good lens either. But it is a more robust codec than people seem to assume.
  18. Android remote control mod https://github.com/mewlips/nx-remote-controller-mod interesting. I'm always watching the nx1 hack pages. Never even heard of this. It has potential but doesn't quite work. I could control the camera but never get an image on my phone. Looks like it offers more camera control than samsungs. Was this an early test that got abandoned or what? no posts there in last 7 days. It installed and uninstalled without incident.
  19. can't remember seeing it... did any hack fix the damn video evf monitor bug. The one where if you start recording video and if use the camera monitor you can't switch to evf and vice versa.
  20. I am on fw 1.41 and want to go back to 1.40 on nx1. I can't see to find how anywhere? Anyone know. Thank you
  21. why would the 1.41 1.40 split us all up? Of course it's best to have the hack work on 1.41. But if it's too much work, I'm sure we can all live with 1.40. The choice is that of the guy who does the hacks. I've used the camera manager extensively. It just doesn't work all that well. Slow to focus, and all that inane thumbnail downloading it does. not enough control to be really useful, I just can't trust it like I should be able to.
  22. I'm just wondering where we're at with making the hack work with fw 1.41. I know it's 1.40 that's being used now. I just want to know if there are any future plans to attempt to make it all work with 1,41. edit: answered my own ?. It seems vasille is still trying to find a way, but he and kino have friction? Wish them both the best and hope they can learn from one another. http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57821746
  23. right, since we're on this for what looks like a while before our dudes find a way to bitrate hack the new fw... anyone got copies of fw 1.40 for nx1 and the older version of the Samsung camera manager.. was it 1.65, the one just before the new one? I think a lot of us would like to go back a step into bitrate increase land. Everywhere seems to link to the new version now.thanks, kids-
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